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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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Tee Hee | Reviewer: yck | 2/13/06

I can't believe this song finally made Mtv :D :D :D I love the beginning when they say "He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man" and the guitar scene in the middle is awesome. Hehe but you should really listen to this song ^_^

HELL YEAH BEST BAND EVER | Reviewer: Samantha Lister | 1/31/06

I LOVE this band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite song is Bat Country!!!! ALL of the guys are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT I want to see them LIVE

bout a7x | Reviewer: Yummie | 1/23/06

A7x is fucking great man, i love waking the fallen, it's such a complete album, every single song rocks. at first, i was sceptic bout there newest album, but after listening to it a couple times i just fell in love, this band really is my favorite band, it rocks!!!!

OMG! | Reviewer: trash-berd | 1/13/06

OMG! This song is soooo frigging great! I just found out the name today and I'm going to buy the cd! So worth it!

A7X has risin from the underground | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/05

I love Avenged Sevenfold man, found out about them along time ago when they were still underground, they fucking blew my mind. Their style has gradtually changed since they throat destroying incident. *tear*. But they are amazing, awsome guitar riffs, godly solos, great vocals, killer screaming, and must of all WICKED ENERGY! Best songs to get, Darkness surrounding from their older album, Unholy Confessions, Chapter Four, Secondheartbeat, ...and all things will end, The Wicked End, Beast and the Harlot.. and well everything! They are soo AWSOME!

KICKIN ASS!! | Reviewer: Dani | 11/30/05

omg this song is fukin awsum the lyrics rock n the tune is just wicked wen it goes from soft to fukin kickin ass!!! rock on dudes!!

Comment for the song, <I>Bat Country</I> by <U>Sevenfold</U> | Reviewer: Dan | 11/24/05

I found out about this song on a radio station in Memphis Tennessee called 93X (May I note that 93X is the ONLY good radio station in Memphis). I love the band now. It is one of my favorite bands. I'd give this band a 10 for many reasons. One, the songs don't sound alike. Every track is something new and pleasing to the ear. Second, the band's use of distortion and volume is brillant. The vocals are able to be heard over the distortion of the guitars. The solos, especially in the song Bat Country are very unique and interesting. They please my desire of hard rock. Finally, they don't make every song fast and hard. A few of the songs are slowed down, but they are still hard and fast enough to satisify a metalhead.

Bloody Great | Reviewer: Shauna | 11/24/05

I've been a huge a7x fan for a long time, and they never disappoint me. While I find their new album lyrically softer then that of Waking the Fallen and Sounding the Trumpet, they are still amazing. Think a bad ass, hardcore Axel Rose. I recently saw these guys in cocnert and I'm telling you, if you ever have teh chance to do so, GO! They put on a great show and are spectacular live. Bat Country will blow you away, and if you dont already own it, GO PICK UP CITY OF EVIL AND ALL THEIR OTHER ALBUMS!


Amazing | Reviewer: Jessica | 10/8/05

I love this song. The first time I heard it, it reminded me very much of "Old School" rock with the guitar rifs and style. Great!!!

Best song regardless what people say!! =P | Reviewer: Maria | 10/7/05

I was recently introduced to this band by a friend, and I am not disappointed! This song is fuckin awesome and the leader can freakin sing!!

Amazing | Reviewer: Meghan | 9/12/05

I've never heard Avenged Sevenfold's music before but when I heard this song I fell completely in love with it. I'm gonna have to buy the album. They lyrics are amazing and somehow I relate to them which is weird because I don't usually really relate to songs like this. But it's a great song and I listen to it everyday. Awesome.

I Fucking Love This Song | Reviewer: Angel | 9/8/05

This song is so fucking awesome. I love it!!!! Avenged Sevenfold kicks ASS!! If u are not a big fan, then fuck off.

love this song | Reviewer: danielle | 8/19/05

theres some great lyrics too
and since my town is a bunch of wanna be faggots
i love this song

play it LOUD, and play it AGAIN | Reviewer: joemomma | 8/12/05

I love pissing off my uppity ass neighbors with this one. Excellent structure, layers, and harmonies throughout the song, as a musician I latched onto this one from the first dose of it. So nice to hear some talent coming out of the industry allbeit rare as hell these days. Lets hear some more!!

awesome | Reviewer: cody | 8/8/05

that song was a mind blower ive heared alot of good songs but that was the best by far good job avenged sevenfold

Cody Grover

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