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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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amazing | Reviewer: Gerardo | 5/30/08

this song is truly amazing. I the guitar solo. still trying to learn to play the guitar, and when I learn I want to play this song. kinda weird a rockabilly listen to A7X.

O.C rockabilly forever.

almost easy | Reviewer: Xemo chick lolX | 5/13/08

this song fuking rocks my sox and its my fave song rite now
this song means so much 2 me and the lyrics are so powerful and the meaning behind it is so strong 2
avenged sevenfold rule my lif lol xxx

First Time I Heard This Song.... | Reviewer: Halozin @ Madd-Bomber Inc. | 4/2/08

...was on the PS2 Game Need For Speed-Pro Street...been hooked on the song ever since...
though they changed the lyrics from "I left you bound and tied with suicidal memories...." To "I left you did I expect love to outweigh ignorance?"

Made me kinda mad but i see why they did it.

All and All, A7X is pretty cool.


WOW... | Reviewer: DarthStrifer | 1/28/08

I loved a7x since M.Shadows and the Synester Gates worked on The River with Good Charlotte.. The River hooked me and remains my favorite all-time because of Shadow's gritty voice. But for it's genre, Almost Easy is top of the list.

a7x #1 fan | Reviewer: jessica hickman | 1/5/08

a7x i am your greatist fan i really want to see you in real life right in front of me i love you all 100% and i love your music evenmore zacky and synyster Are great guitarest the rev is awesome and i really want to come to your concert

Cool | Reviewer: Anni | 12/23/07

Yeah I'm not a big fan of this band but I do love this song. I'm not mad about the solo tho. It's a little cheesy. (Sorry Ashleigh, if you're reading this lol :P)

AMAZINGLY IRONIC | Reviewer: Elena | 12/7/07

this song is so good, i think this and Afterlife are my favorite songs on this cd. i also like Lost a lot. but omg this song reminds me of one person and everytime i listen to this song...OMG makes me wanna cry, their songs have never had that effect on me lol good song tho, love it! love the entire cd

I'm not infuckingsane | Reviewer: Victoria | 11/26/07

I saw A7X in concert for the first time two nights ago and it was AMAZING! When they left everyone screamed for one more song and then M.Shadows said they'd do two, and I was ecstatic because they played to of the songs I'd been wanting to hear all night
(Seize the Day & Unholy Confessions). The entire performance was fantastic, I was right up on the stage, I definately plan on going to see them again.

Kudos A7X!

Awesome | Reviewer: raine | 11/18/07

Gee, this is the second best song i've ever heard from A7X (after Beast and The Harlot)

i think the video is awesome, with perfect hell CG

and have u guy check out Zacky's LV Guitar ?.. i think that's one hell of a guitar

Almost easy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/07

its a great song but u messed up and put the evil laugh in the wrong place, and in Critical Acclaim its not shadows screaming. its The Rev

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