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Performed by Avenged Sevenfold

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oh gawwwd i love this song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/10

my freind first showed me the video like 2 yrs ago (i thnk idk tho) and i loved it.

@ reviewer Jimmy
i know what u mean avout the carnival like music! you should look up 'Entertainment' by Rise Against. it too has a carnival like kinda feel to it.

@ reviewer Me, me and me
i saw that video too! but the official one (the cartoon one) is waaay better, with some more twisted humour!

A7X foREVer | Reviewer: Erika | 8/26/10

Okay since I'm a an A7X fan all I can say is that Jimmy is a fucken amazing!!! I adore his cruel humor, its quite funny. Its really sad that we lost the Rev :( When I heard this song, I fell in love with it instantly. I kept hearing it over and over again <3 It truely makes my day, and brings a smile on my face. Im so gonna play this song for my wedding, when I get older. Its just an honor to play, and my respects for the Rev and the band :) I'll always love you A7X. You truely captured my heart and your sick twisted humor :D

Review. | Reviewer: Hayley | 7/13/10

I brought their album, and in the booklet it actually says "Well then, I'll break you unchained." instead of "Well then, I'll grant you one chance." Just sayin'. :P

This song is epic. Avenged Sevenfold is hands down the best band ever.

fucking awesome!! | Reviewer: Me, me and me | 7/12/10

This song's awesome!
I listened to it for the first time on youtube,
I watched a fan video for it.
I haven't watched the real video yet...
But all the comments say that the fan video was better. =)
This song's soo romantic and funny! In a twisted kind of way... XP
And the vid I watched was so cute! Also in a twisted kind of way... =)

The song's about a guy who kills his wife to keep her young forever and to have total control over her, rapes her from time to time, then she comes back to life and kills him too. And the guy apologizes, they get married and start killing people.
And I'm not sure if this is just in the fan vid, but at the end they get killed...Again...
THE END'S SOO SAD!! =(... In a sweet way...


R.I.P The Rev. =(
Dude was too young to die. =(

Unnatural song | Reviewer: Andrii | 6/11/10

First i didn't like this band even i always hear their other songs on the radio or tv like dear god .once i saw this song clip and it's really scary,the clip can show what the band sing. I think it's more dark than the gotique that i always heard.brilliant..

to is this emo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/10

To define EMO it's basically just emotianall so most bands out there are EMO. If you stumbeled on this song trying to figure out if it was emo then no. This song is about a husband killing his wife and then she comes back from death to kill him, then it gets even mroe twisted xD
ALPOH is just one of the most fantastic songs ever i mean u can't not fall in love with this i mean it's just plain and simple BRILLIANT!

The Perfect Wedding Song | Reviewer: GothKit666 | 4/23/10

This song is definitely going to play on my wedding day. I just love it too much. It's perfect and the video was also amazing. It's so romantic in the most twisted way. I love it, and have been listening to it nonstop since my boyfriend played it for me.

Is it really emo / not ? ? | Reviewer: Darkscreamo | 4/5/10

Wow, this song just ''Fvcktastic!'' (lol) Ah really, i fell in love of this ''horror'' song at first I hear it.. I decided to be a fan of this awesome band when I hear this ''kick ass'' song!
But somebody tells me they are ''emo'' is it right??

whoa | Reviewer: Aleen | 3/16/10

Soo far thsi is like the sonqq I love the most ! Like shizz the way he make it sound , & the qirls voice , qeez its creeepy but overall , these just somethinqq so fasinatinqq about it .

I never really undertsood what this sonq ment , but now I see & I'm shocked ,

Who the hell has sex with a corpse ?qives me the chils but this is what makes this sonqq so cool that's my opinion . :]

Brilliant song | Reviewer: Jimmy | 3/10/10

Bought this album a couple of weeks ago and this is my favourite song from it so far. It is so amazingly evil and sinister, love the carnival-like music. Very chilling song but i love it because it doesn't take itself too seriously and its just really original and experimental. Love the lyrics and the story. I wouldn't have thought that i would like a song about something like this, but they really pulled it off. Great song. I would describe it as 'beautifully evil'.

love this pycho song!! love it!! x] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/10

the begining reminds me so much of the nightmare before christmas xD. But i love this song!!! And i have a question... When he says "Eyes over easy" did he mean he ate her eyeballs??? That's what I'm asking... I mean as if it wasn't bad enough that he stabbed her to death and had sex with the corpse...I love this song, even though its crazy xD.
R.I.P. The Rev. You were an awesome drummer, and we'll all miss you.

what i think of this song | Reviewer: lilgirlthatswattheycallme | 2/12/10

i think thats pretty good but i never realizes the sex part till i saw the video and read the lyrics. its pretty cool and all but the story is kinda stupid but then again its a song lol love it! ^L^

What!! | Reviewer: Your Aussie Friend | 2/4/10

Reviewer 5/10/09 you are a fucktard. It's like what Zacky said "it's not typical a7x but then what is typical a7x"? You can't expect all their music to sound the same. this album says A7X aren't affraid to experiment with different sounds and genres.

P.S don't TELL others what they should think is the greatest album. Personally I feel that Ok Computer by Radiohead is the greatest album ever, but, hey, that's just my oppinion.

Who'd thought? | Reviewer: Your Aussie Friend | 1/29/10

When I first encountered a7x I decided to listen to them from the start of their first album to the end of their latest. Who'd thought that these guys could come up with such a excellent and different piece of music? My favorite song of theirs. Written by 'the rev'. R.I.P. Mate

Total win <3 | Reviewer: Ryder Ann | 1/1/10

As i'm sure you all know Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan passed away on Monday. Being the depressed fan that I am (because I absolutely ADORE this band) I downloaded quite a few more of their songs that I hadn't gotten around to doing before and listened to them all day. But for some reason I kept listening to this song over and over again and I love it. I don't know why because before I even bought this song I knew the meaning behind it so naturally I was a little wary.
Lucky for me, though, it has an awesome theatrical beat behind it, almost a "rock opera" type feel. Or a deranged broadway. The first time I listened to it the Nightmare before Christmas came to mind. So yes, I do see where you get the Tim Burton thing.
But their use of so many instrument and the chilling female vocals is stunning and something you almost never see in a rock band so naturally I just love them even more now.

Ah yes and Rest In Peace Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, the brilliant creator and mind behind this lovely piece of music.

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