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Performed by Atreyu

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In my opinion... | Reviewer: Mina | 6/2/07

The song really does sound like he's becoming a vampire. But I think, if you look at it from a more detatched view, it could be a metaphor.

At the beginning the line "Robert Smith lied, boys do cry". That's a reference to the Cure song Boys Don't Cry, which is about two people breaking up. So, a sense of loss. Then he talks about Anne Rice (one of my favourite authors, hehe) which starts the whole Vampire thing. Blood tears, etc etc the whole thing screams, I'm a vampire. But also if you look closer:

I can’t hide the monster… anymore.
One can, only feel desolate for so long until
One starts to change into
Something the mirror doesn't recognize.

I think he's not actually becoming a vampire, but there are thing happening to him he doesn't understand, and can't control, and he's comparing them to becoming a vampire. Perhaps an addiction, compared to bloodlust? See the song doesn't necessarily state the obvious. It could mean any number of things.
Or perhaps, Atreyu is just absolutely fucking amazing and decided to write a song about the change from a mortal being to Nosferatu. Being Christian doesn't mean they can't write about vampires, why would that matter? Really people...

Atreyu | Reviewer: Taylor | 5/31/07

Ive been listening to Atreyu for about a year now and i can never seem to take the head phones off. This band is perfect for me cuz they get me thinking about all the horrible stuff i have been through and done. I mean, like in this song the chorus just makes me think about everything ive done and if they will forgive me later on done the road. This song and band is the shit and i will always be a fan!!!
Rock out!!!!

:] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/07

The best thing about this song was the Robert Smith reference.

Other than that, it's an alright song- not as good some of their other stuff... but then I'm not a massive Atreyu fan.

the crimson | Reviewer: mitchell | 5/6/07

cmon ofcourse the lyrics are about becoming a vampire for fuck saaak... iam onli 14 and i no that i dnt no how old the rest of you are but you must be fucking slow if you didnt pick that up from the lyrics.. and i also give a congrats to that dude quiting drugs and what he says it wuld have been so hard to do congrats man!!

get over it! | Reviewer: ME! | 5/3/07

sure we all know that Atreyu is a great band but seriously guys theres no need to get all worked up about it! Just chill and listen to the music like it was made for!

you spelt something rong | Reviewer: aaron | 4/25/07

you spelt something ring it is not "change in a fag the mirrior do it roconize" its " change into somthing the mirrior dont roconize" so you need to change that

i cant hide this monster.... anymore | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/07

hmm...if u start talk about it xD what monster he talk about that he cant hide anymore?

(i said to forget it and just enjoy the song)

............... | Reviewer: jeremy | 3/30/07

ok three things
ok(1) if u dont know who anne rice is ur fucking retarded everyone knows she writes books about vampires...
(2)if u do know who anne rice is and u dint figure out by basically the fourteenth fucking line that it was about changing into a vampire ur in need of serious mental help(i saw by the fourth line but maybe thats just me.....)

so what? | Reviewer: jacob | 3/16/07

As others have said, who cares about their religion or any of that other BS, this is an awesome song.

atreyu is awsum | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/07

i agree with all of u atreyu is fukin awsum my bro showed my them and ive loved them since

hello | Reviewer: daniela | 2/10/07

I love it! it's my favourite band =D and that song is really beautiful bye bye take care

just wow | Reviewer: fred?! | 2/11/07

this is just one of the many great songs they made and zach you have a great fucking taste in music (of course slipknot ) but im suprized haste the day isnt on your list

Slow? | Reviewer: mari | 2/8/07

Are you guys slow or something of course its about becoming a vampire. Have you not seen the CDs cover? What else would the song be talking about? You guys are slow.

Atreyu is FUCKING AWESOME | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/07

wtf.........come on ppl stop saying i think, it is obviosly about turning into a vampire. fuck like everywhre in this song it says so. god there are some fucken stupid ppl out there. atreyu rocks.if u like them listen to avenged sevenfold, lamb of god, slipknot, cradle of filth, CHILDREN OF BODOM,nad in flames. fucking great bands. lip gloss and black is another sweet song by atreyu. Meatl kicks ass.

addiction | Reviewer: kevin | 12/1/06

i have been listening to atreyu for almost a year straight w/out putting any other cd in. i thought that i was looking for evil to help me from the pains i experienced my senior year in highschool as i was 18 years old, on my own, with no car, and barely making it. i had to drop sports and juggle a night job with school and an afternoon job. i have dedicated my life to being perfect in everything i do and i began to lose hope and sought evil from listening to atreyu's lyrics. this all probably sounds stupid and "poor me", but i'm not finished yet...3 monthes ago i started smoking about and eighth of dope a day because i was still trying to find a way to fill that void, which i still havent figured out. 2 weeks ago i bought a quarter of some "santa barbara bomb". i came to find that it was heavily laced with angel dust, or some might call it "KJ" (killer joint). i became extremely addicted to it even though it would put me in a horrible, dark, cold, and purely evil place. ive been clean for 4 days today and it is the most painful experience of my life. i lost my highschool sweetheart to drugs, dropped all my college courses, and betrayed friends who would have done anything for me before this. I saw evil for the first time in my life. i still see it, and my point is that God was preparing me for this by keeping me attached to Atreyu. for those of you who have never suffered what i am going through you may never see what Atreyu is showing you. i am so afraid of the "creature" i have become. i say these words over and over when i think about all ive done. i can feel and see the same hatred they have. every title on their newest cd "A Death Grip on Yesterday" describes the process i am going through. talk to any ex-addict and they will tell you the same thing. i cry everytime i hear their lyrics now because they are so true to what i am experiencing. I hope all who read this can understand what this band is doing for me. But more importantly, i hope that anyone who wants to quit understands that they cant do it alone. it has to be their decision to recognize what they have become and want to "ascend from zero", as atreyu puts it. i am very fortunate to have had my ex-girlfriend show me what i became. I am getting to know God right now. Its not easy, but i have to do it because he is the only one i can always count on. Drugs are fun (especially for the type "T" personality, which stands for me), but I PROMISE YOU, THEY WILL FUCK YOUR LIFE UP. please believe me. i have hurt so many ppl cause of what i became. dont crave evil. e-mail me if you want to talk because i am actually breaking the rules by having contact w the


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