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Atreyu | Reviewer: Nick | 9/29/08

Atreyu. what is one to say about them? they are one of the best metal bands of all time. that's a start/

anyway, you want a good atreyu track you probably haven't heard? youtube Her Portrait In Black.
It's amazing

woah. | Reviewer: NAWW.TheyAintHorrible,TheyFuckingRock | 8/2/08

WOAH, i LOVE Atreyu, they are amazing in all places ( in their music) their lyrics, are Amazing,and the vibe they bring when they perform, or even just listening to their music. its just WOW>!:) i love it [love'em]

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/08

i've never liked metal or hardcore music until i heard atreyu. wow. where do i start? they have AH-mazaing lyrics and wonderful.... everything! they are the the best band with too little fame. if u havent heard of them what are you waiting for?

oh btw, all of u critics out there that say they suck and theyre just like all the rest, FUCK YOU.

have a nice day :D


my favourite band | Reviewer: Brandon | 3/10/08

I loved atreyu since I first heard it. it was the first artist that ever got me into the metal/hardcore style music. I swear at somepoints they know exactly how im feeling with the lyrics. All in all. they are an amazing band. amazing volcals and guitar shreds. There newest music has kind of been a let down for a hardcore style atreyu person. on there new cd lead sails and a paper anchor. the song titled after the album though it would be amazing but. big letdown. I would say stick to hardcore but ill like them either way

Insite | Reviewer: Anntah | 3/9/08

This is one type of band that cannot be mocked, dogged, or changed for the better. Each time the lyrics are read and listened to, it brings more insite and changed to the meaning. This band may not be number one on every chart, but they are the number on break out band. Since they began, they have shaken the music industry. Continue by storn Atreyu!

Screw their new CD | Reviewer: Dylan | 2/4/08

Brandon took the words right out of my mouth. If any of you are poser's, then the new cd is for you. Their old shit is so hardcore, has amaizng riffs, explosive screaming followed with melodic singing. Meh they were AMAZING and now their just trying to fit in with poser faggit society by being like day/ simple plan. I'm dissapointed, i idolized them and now i wont even wanna see them in concert in fear of hearing oen of their new songs.

Amazing cd | Reviewer: Fido | 1/16/08

Excuse me down there, rise against is amazing but moving on this is an atreyu review. Their new cd was as great as i expected it to be; they are able to achieve a more defined, refined and all out chaotic plain of sounds now that they sing and scream. Their Insturment skills have greatly improved and are great for their music. All in all i believe that atreyu will be one hell of a power house in the metal genre if they keep their sound as diverse and ever flexible as it is now. Way to go guys keep it up.

the new and the old | Reviewer: brandon | 1/11/08

hell ya atreyu's awesome but what about the new album they went from hevy screamo amazing music with shreds like no other to good charlotte rise against bullshit, personally i think their new cd in a let down but if they would come out with more songs like the crimson or untitled finale they would be the shit what do you think?

Good Stuff | Reviewer: NeverHere | 1/11/08

Seriously, give them a go. Good music for when you need to be pumped or are just plain PISSED OFF. Great vocals, great skill in their instruments, Damn good Metal.

March 5 08 | Reviewer: Atreyu's #1 St.louis Fan | 1/8/08

Hell yeah they are finally coming back to ST. Louis. Its been awhile since I have seen them but I love their music. I have to listen to them in secret because my mom doesnt like there name there is a long back story in it that I dont feel like getting into but yeah. Atreyu rocks I'm out yall.

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