ATREYU IS SHIT! | Reviewer: The Spirit | 9/7/07

I love this song, it's so great. The melody is with rhythm and it just moves me.


GO fuck yourself all you emo faggots who like this shit, I hope you die, including all you fuckheads who think you're shit. Atreyu is gay and so are you, you should all be raped in the ass and then shat on! Come to my house and I'll blow your brains out, yeah bring it you gay fanboys!"

mmmmm | Reviewer: claudia | 9/6/07

OMFG!! i love atreyu!!! u guys fukin KICK ASS!! MANN GOD WHO THE HELL WOULDNT THINK ATREYU KICK FUKIN ASS MANN!!!! i love all ur songs!! and all the lyrics to them!!! mann u got good lyrics to go with the songs!! GOD!! i fucking HATE EMOS!!
i actually knwo a guy form ulladulla and he was an EMO and he slit his wrist and then he slit is vain aswell and blead to DEATH!!

Fuck Emo | Reviewer: Metal Until Death | 8/31/07

Atreyu is not emo they are metal... Black hair is not emo black hair is metal...atreyu's lyrics are bad ass and emo isn't...any one who thinks it's in to slit their wrists come to my house and i'll shoot you and put you out of your misery...Atreyu hates you emo kids you give atreyu and other badass metal bands a bad reputation and the emo community can suck a fat dick...class dismissed

Atreyu | Reviewer: Tom | 8/30/07

Awesome Song. Atreyu is like hell good band. And yes. They have Emo Lryrics. But yeh the word emo is like way over rated now. you see some guy walking down the street and he has black hair, and every one is like omg fuck he's Emo! And there is like so many pretender emos lol. I mean how many people go emo and lke slit their wrists and stuff but they really are just like normal people with nothing emotionally wrong about them, like they aren't even sad or nothing, they just do it coz like yeh it's sorta in nowadays. yeh and how many actually real emos actually do ever slit their wrists? or commit suicide and shit? Lol. i'm not really an Emo Myself yeah i'm a happy guy. I hope you all die and have ur souls forever tortured amongst the wretched darkness. Lol

:] | Reviewer: Molly | 8/24/07

Bleeding Mascara was the perfect name for this, but until you actually read the lyrics, you can't figure out what its about.

I heard this song watching 'WalMart Shenanigans' on YouTube, and my cousin and I searched around with the lyrics that we could pick out, eventually finding the band name, song title, and more lyrics.

I fell in love with it the first I had ever heard it

Atreyu | Reviewer: Obscene | 8/23/07

Bleeding Mascara is a perfect song for my situation. A girl I love over a year was with me one night.. Though she likes another guy.Who obviously doesn't give a shit about her. And I'm stuck. And I have nothing to do but to cry and let these scars heal.. Atreyu and Bullet For My Valentine are the best bands for it.

ryanclarke | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/07

songs sweet, i used to like atreyu and got out of it for a while but im back lisnin to their tunes, there awsome.

Atreyu | Reviewer: Charlotte_<3 | 8/17/07

I Love Atreyu There My Favourite Band And There A Big Influence
They Have Good Lyrics In All There Songs, And If It Wasnt For Them I Or Any Other Person Probley Wouldnt Be Who They Are Today.
Atreyu Rock!


Amazing song | Reviewer: Anti | 8/17/07

I have to say this song is an absolute THRILL to play on the guitar. My fingers hurt but its totally worth it. great guitaring, and great lyrics. I've played my share of songs but this one takes the cake. might not be the hardest to play but it fits together just so perfectly. in every song i can kind of point out some riff i'd love to change so it'd fit more but in here its just too damn good

and as for you people going on about "its emo" who cares? labels suck anyway. the label "emo" was made for OVERLY emotional people. kids who cried constantly and contemplated suicide over small things but THE MEANING HAS CHANGED and now its a style. I for one am not emo. I'm a cheerful guy. the emos nowadays arent all fucking suicidal and so on. SOME are and tell me honestly. which emo are u going to hear about. u hear about a suicide, u remember it. u see 15 emos smilin walkin down the street, u dont care and think "oh they'll go slit their wrists later in the day" and to you stuck up asswipes who think your better than anyone, FUCK you, you conformist bastards who're too caught up in what other people think, that you feel the need to rag on an entire group of people because its "cool" to do so. pricks

mhm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/07

I love atreyu...but just because they have emo lyrics doenst mean they suck. And emo isnt all about low delf esteem and all that shit. I agree with that yeah person. Emo means we show our emotions and get made fun of for it. We dont like that

Kick ASS!!!! Ohhh and Emo.... | Reviewer: Kyle | 8/15/07

This song fucking rocks. I love it and i love Atreyu. I just heard them at FAmily Values Tour '07. Ohhh and all this emo shit is fucked up. I with the person who said its a personality of not giving a fuck and no self esteem. so dumb ass with the slit tha wrist idea go fucking die u bitch!!

Not screamo | Reviewer: Michael | 8/13/07

Atreyu, Killswitch engage, etc. are not screamo, it is called metalcore. Could also be considered post-hardcore.

Hilarious... | Reviewer: Anon | 8/12/07

This isn't one of their better songs but Atreyu is a pretty decent band and I like a lot of their music...doesn't mean this song isn't emo.

Oh and KATIE and yeah, you both are fucked up pieces of shit. You're what gives Atreyu fans a bad name and you need to just get the fuck out of here and go slit your wrists. I hope you both die as well.

haha. | Reviewer: Rachel | 8/13/07

hahaha! wow, I jsut have to say, I don't know any of you, but I LOVE YOU ALL! Especially this "yeah" character. hahaha, and well, I get called emo ALL the time just because of the way I dress, when if someone actually got to know me, they'd know I'm nothing even remotely close to being "emo" I'm one of the happiest people alive. haha. So, as "yeah" said...
I hope you die = D

Atreyu not emo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/07

I love Atreyu, their songs are so true, and This song and Deomonology of Heartache show just how I feel after being dumped after 3 yrs. I love Atreyu