Meh... =P | Reviewer: Kevin Salas | 7/8/08

emo is just another pointless fad with the same aspects of other pointless fads

cultural conformists
dressing the same way, speaking the same, thinking the same, and "feeling" the same

I don't think that Atreyu is "emo" sheerly because of the fact that emo music blows [excuse my crudeness] all emo music is, is a 17 year old with a whiney high pitched voice and no real problems on vocals, and on bass, drums, and guitar are some more crybabies that only got one year of classes in middle school

so the point I'm trying to get at is
this song can't be emo because this song is enjoyable

and if you think that I'm wrong why don't you just go and cry on my Myspace?

if you haven't noticed, I'm not very fond of emos/any trend

Emo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/08

Emo isn't saying that the music is emotional, it's just a word derived from the word emotional to describe a genre. If the term emo was used to describe emotional music then all music would be "Emo." Music is pretty close to raw emotion. Some of the saddest songs i've heard are rap songs. Anger is an emotion as well, so if you dont like emotion in music then you pretty much dont like music. Even Devourment is emo by those standards.

Emo eh | Reviewer: Tainted | 5/29/08

It's almost like you all think "Emo" is a bad thing. Like the guy/girl said under me "It stands for emotional", there is nothing wrong with being emotional. If you have no emotions then you may as well just die. This song itself is indeed "Emo" but the band itself is metal. There is nothing wrong with putting a little but of emotion into songs, that's what makes these bands so great.


<333 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/08

hey i love this song i dont know really anything about this band but i do like there music i justedstarted listening to their music and i think its pretty cool! i love how everyone is calling it emo ornto emo but do any of you know what emo is? it stands for emotional AND THIS SONG HAS EMOTIONS PUT INTO IT SO I THINK ITS OKAY THAT YOU CALL IT EMO BECAUSE THAT MEANS ITS A TRUE SONG THAT CAME FORM INSIDE OTHER SONGS ARE MOSTLY WRITTEN BY OTHER PEOPLE SO GO AHEAD AND CALLV THIS SONG EMO<33333

hahaha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/08

i think everyone needs to look at their music knowledge before you talk. there are certain aspects of instruments, vocals etc that play a part in deciding what the "genre" of the music is and until you know all of these aspects you cant say for sure what the music is...
and just because the lyrics are deeper than shit bubble gum jock pop music DOES NOT MEAN ITS EMO!

yikes | Reviewer: wow | 4/16/08

wow you niggas are fucked up. talking about what is and isnt emo on a fucking lyrics forum. damn or and if you are so fucked up that you need to see some one and cant fix it yourself then idk what to tell you. fix your own problems and quit giving a shit about the genre of a band. who cares if they are emo screamo elmo metal betal ketal shetal yetal, or what ever the fuck they are. its just a song!

what ever | Reviewer: South African Champ | 4/17/08

fuck atreyu is a great band one of the best why, if you dont like them, would u be reading they lyrics? They kick ass (dig the old albums much more though) If you dont like Atreyu then dont look at their stuff, simple. Im sure there are Celion Dion lyrics somewhere go read those.

omfg | Reviewer: theonepersonwhoreallydoenstgiveacrap.... | 4/16/08

ohmyfuckinggod seriously why the fuck does anyone care wut the hell type of music it is i mean if u like it then u like it if u hate it then u hate it u cant change ppls opinions and really like dont label ppl by wut u see on the outside rlly like if u have some shit to say to the ppl who like this music keep that shit to urself cuz they could probably just say the same shit bout the music u listen to sheesh! i personally love this song for wut it stands for and if someone has a problem with that email me and tell me wut ur problem is with it!!!!! so keep ur fucking mouths shut dumbshits!!!!!!

ok. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/08

ill agree that Atreyu "rocks" and ill agree that they are metalcore or dickcore or what ever the fuckcore they are, but i think we can all agree that they are alittle fucked up in the head if they are going to produce an entier album about failed relationships and killing girls because they cant get one.

fine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/08

ill agree that Atreyu "rocks" and ill agree that they are metalcore or dickcore or what ever the fuckcore they are, but i think we can all agree that they are alittle fucked up in the head if they are going to produce an entier album about failed relationships and killing girls because they cant get one.

What the fuck... | Reviewer: Seth | 4/14/08

Why the hell is everyone putting shit out about the genre? It's not emo, could be screamo, I guess. I really think they're more Metalcore, but can't we just fucking say they're rock? I don't give a fuck if you hate emo, like emo, or hate Atreyu. This is an awesome song, and it's for reviews about /this/ song.

lol | Reviewer: | 4/14/08

i come to this site occasionaly to look up lyrics to a song i like. and i scroll down and see people like this girl who went ape shit on that guys ass because he called the band emo. lol, dude chill out. he is entitled to his opinion. if you are that offended by one guys commnet then i think you might have more to worry about then some guy calling a band you like emo. if your going to get that mad, get mad about somthing that matters, not some band you wont remember 10 years down the road. ohh, and by the way, you dont have to indulge you mind and live your life by some cut-wrist lyrics to like a band. listen for the music, not the meaning. if you want some litterary bull shit go read a book. P.S. who gave this girl the right to talk? i know i sure as hell didnt.

L2tag | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/08

as stated before emo was a 90s movement. and Atreyu does not fit that genre. "ur mother" you can't type and sound like an idiot. you know nothing about music. and to the girl below me , you are awesome. great advice. DRINK BLEACH you ignorant waste of life

fuck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/08

Dude...I'm a girl and Atreyu is fucking hxc. your a pussy whipped dick face if you hate them. seriously you fuckers have no life. IF YOU HATE THEM DONT LISTEN TO THEM! dumbfucks. I go to like all the concerts they have in my area. dude, just because it has "bleeding mascara" you think its emo. yeah fucking right. your all dipshits. go fucking DRINK BLEACH. jesus christ.

wat the fuck | Reviewer: ur mother | 4/2/08

if this isnt emo than wat the fuck is?
doesnt just the title sum it up for u?
u fuckers who say simple plan is emo thats bullshit... theyre just a bunch of crybaby whiner fuckwits.

THIS IS EMO!!!!!!!