you are all fucking stupiD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/10


just wow ppl...-_- | Reviewer: xxKatxx | 2/27/10

just want to let you know...this is probably the most stupid pointless gonna-get-no-where argument i have ever seen! like seriously its so stupid that it makes me laugh xD it goes on for over 15 pages...come on ppl get the hint theres no point in arguing.
but anywho...Atreyu is amazing and they are especially good in this song in particular =] the lyrics are a little dirty but still meaningful at the same time. im just getting into this band cuz of my bf and i can already tell that im gonna love them<3

To Army Chick | Reviewer: Just Curious | 2/1/10

Umm. I just have to comment...

On your #1 REASON thing you said "Get a job you 15 yr old douche who lives with their mom && get a life like the rest of the world."
First things first, how many jobs can a 15 yr old kid get? I am pretty sure you have to be 16 at least. Correct me if wrong.
Second, how many 15 year olds don't live with their mom? I can see if your insulting them because they are immature and they bash on the worlds greatest band, but i am sure most 15 yr old live with their mom, but hell, I am just curious.
I completely agree with everything else and Avenged Sevenfold (RIP REV) and Atreyu are the best bands in the world.

Final thoughts to add about this song && all opinions | Reviewer: Army Chick | 1/21/10

#1 Wowww there are alot of people dissing this song, first of all are you really that bored with your life that you look up lyrics to songs you don't like && talk shit about them? Get a job you 15 yr old douche who lives with their mom && get a life like the rest of the world.

#2 You don't have to be emo to like this song, it's called diversity in music taste, so expand yours dick.

#3 OMG enough with the sucking dicks thing sheesh, just because your talking shit doesn't mean i'm gonna lower my standards to suckin your probably 3 inch dick, no thank you.

Thank you that is all.

WARNING: Don't bash songs please. | Reviewer: [Mod]Joe_Cool | 11/11/09

Hi everyone I am a Moderator here at and was myself currently listening to this song so out of curiosity I decided to look the lyrics up.

I noticed below the lyrics a huge debate, or people talking about bashing this song.

First: This song rocks hardcore. Its very melodic and energetic.

Second: The lyrics in this song do not mention anywhere an "Emo" reference, or any reference of people cutting themselves. Mascara is not for only for "Emos", its a makup product for women. It is clearly intended that the running mascara is coming from a woman (or girl) crying.

Third: Anyone who wants to argue a point that they disagree with is fine. But bashing a song on a lyric page out of spite is completely unnacceptable. There is no need to waste anyone's time (including my own for having to write this message) just to cause strife within the parameters for a review box. (That is what YouTube is for) Anyone who gets caught bashing by me or other Moderators will be IP banned from the entire site.

Please be friendly and enjoy the lyrics!
Joe Cool [Moderator]

Pwns Faces + Rap | Reviewer: noidontknowhow2spell | 10/22/09

Damn everybody is writing essays, w/e this song owns faces, this roger dood sounds kinda sick cuz he pissed ppl off, and i love pissing ppl off, (ppl = people newbs). i dont consider myself emo and i dont like to talk like i speak for the emo population, im not the lorax, i dont speak for the emo's. but songs r always better with meaning, not just about some "shorty" burning on the dance floor, or some shit, insert ur most hated pop song in there if u will. and screaming is badass. always.

If anybody could give me the definition of "shorty" that would be great, is it a short woman?? a short person?? just anybody short>>? or is it some sort of drug reference ?? idk perhaps u do :)

Fucking Hillarious!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/09

Everyone's smashing on these Roger dude and it seems like noone really knows what the true Origin of "Emo" really is. Well just to help you "emo" people out to back you up alittle, Emo started in like the punk Era when a few artist split from bands and started playing more EMOTIONAL music. And the bleeding and cuts is from the artist getting so into there feelings and music that they actually were BLEEDING from there fingers. So yeah. There you go. And by the way. I'm more into Death Metal. But love Atreyu.

if you dont like this song DONT LOOK IT UP its that simple | Reviewer: ashley | 8/29/09

i love this song i dont care what anyone says any one that thinks thissong is "emo" or some stupid shit they made up in there tinny ass brains you know what say whatever the fuck you want to say but really i mean who the fuck looks up a song they hate?GO SUCK A CHODE and whats his fuck on here thats being such a lil bitch you say people dont have lifes if they reply back to you stupid ass comment....why are you replying? if they have no life niether do you.and who are you to lable some one by the type of music they listen to?you dont know shit about "emo" kids okay most of them are abused by there parents some of them there dont even have parents they have fucking reason to cut them selfs if they want but emo doesnt mean you cut stupid ass it mean yer emotional and a cutter <- hints the word cut is some one who cuts.

You all make me lawl. | Reviewer: Seth | 8/18/09

I've been bored enough to go through ten pages and actually find the first comment Roger posted to piss everyone off, and STILL couldn't find it!! 10+ pages of people bitching about this guy!! Holy shit!! Roger, I applaud you.

And just for the record, "emo" is a broken word. No one seems to understand the true meaning of it. Hell, I sure don't. In fact, I've come to hate this word. I fucking hate it when people call me emo. Yes, I wear black a lot. Yes, I listen to heavy music that had deep emotions put into the lyrics, such as anger, despair, and every now and then sexuality. Yes, the only light colored shirt I have, other than red, is white with a blood spatter on it (but you're just jealous).
Nice to meet you, my name is Seth, not "emo."

awsome song | Reviewer: X×_Ghost_×X | 8/14/09

as a fello Emø , i feal nothing by what that punk as lil bitch rodger had to say , and yea kyle nice point, he sais we have no life by writeing our oppinions and fealings about a song, now , you do realize your trying to make fun of, insult us and shit by typing that, witch is like exactly what u are saying we have no life for? wtf , your ass is so fkn stupid , ha, and this song is great , so is most screemo , and your discrimanateing lil ass judges us b/c of what we are,like,and feal?
your a peice of shit

Bahaha. | Reviewer: Jase | 7/30/09

This almost made me laugh, reading all the comments for this song.

Firstly, the song is legendary, great when you don't feel like respecting authority, or some other generic anarchist remark.

But that's not really what my comment is about.

Guys (And girls), there's no point in slamming this Roger dude, if anything he's winning this fight, obviously all he wants to do is to make you people angry, and my god is he doing a great job of it.

He's not going to ever stop insulting you guys, although I don't agree with the whole 'emo' stereotype.

So good on you, Roger. You're doing an awesome job of pissing these people off, and if this wasn't my current favourite song I'd probably do the same.

=D -Jase

wtf | Reviewer: ummmmmmmm | 7/16/09

why the fuck r yall arguin over this hes(roger) one person who lets face it dosnt matter. yea he says stupid shit that pissed yall off okay but its not like ur ever goin to see him hes not goin to read all yalls comments so just let it go and atreyu u rock if u agree with me hit me up at

wth? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/09

ok this song is amazing, and yes it is summer and i don'thave anything else to do but sit at this computer. That just means I did sit here and read some of the comments posted, and all I got to say is WOW!
1.If you don't like the song, why did you take the time to look it up, and then post hateful comments?!? hyprocryte (spelling i know i know)

2.I do know in the real world everyone uses labels, personally I HATE THEM! ask anyone I hang with I always correct them when they start labeling people. Everyone is different, get it through your head..

Well... | Reviewer: n_n | 6/30/09

Ok well i do love this song. And Atreyu.
They are awesome.
But I've been sitting here reading through a few pages of the comments as, yes, I have nothing better to do and I couldn't help but notice (who couldn't?) all the bitching. It's kinda funny if you ask me (which you probably wouldn't) but I swear on so many song lyrics comments there are arguements about the stupidest shit. What I don't understand it why people write hate comments on song lyrics like this.. Why the hell are you looking up the lyrics if you don't like the song? Get a life. And with the whole 'emo' thing. I really would like everyone to get over it. Labels are stupid and annoying and I know it's kinda natural to label and judge people but do we need to be so public and rude about it?
emo does not mean people who slit their wrists and wear black and shit like that. it is a LABEL. so yeah.
this argument could quite possible be over so hopefully I'm not refuelling it as I haven't read the most recent commments, but PLEASE can we keep this to HAPPY and NICE opinions about the songs and bands. Not that I've exactly kept to that. But I've had my say now so I'm happy.

Atreyu are awesome and always will be :)

lawl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/09

lolz, not every emo cut themselves or wear black clothes or.. want to die wtf?. if u dont have knowledge about these things dont post like u know something.

yeah this song is awesome. the screaming is just something people prefer instead of rap for example. and speaking of rap, (which is the easiest music to make)roger, u suck. find a beat and make up words, boom u got a song. music like this got much more meaning and is harder to make.

and roger is just a loser who didnt have anything better to do than posting shit. which is kinda pathetic and sad, oh well.