roger sucks | Reviewer: roger sucks | 6/7/09

hey roger, first off, rap sucks, second off, not everyone who listens to screamo hates life and is emo, third, ppl who listen to this arent muslims and we dont "blow ourselves up", fourth, ur the ones who think ur gangsta and shoot eachother for stupid shit like dumbasses. and lastly, although i dont think it applies to this song, a lot of screamo songs have much more meaning than dumb fuckin niggers, wiggers, and spics rapping about girls money and other retarded shit. so learn something and find yourself asshole, and btw, finding urself doesnt mean wearing a durag and blasting 50 cent. ur the one who should kill urself

OMG. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/09

Look Roger, STFU. I listen to EVERYTHING. Rap, Emo, Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal ETC. So wtf does that make me huu? An fkcn rapper/emo/metalhead/satanist/catholic person or wat? Just keep ur fckn shit to urself and keep listening to watever the fuck u want. This song kicks ass and if U dont like then thats ur own taste. U have to be open in music because music is universal. Theres no such genre that takes over one in specific. SO EMO PEOPLE, RAPPERS, METALHEADS, U ALL ROCK!
And seriously, what am I since I listen to everything? LOL.

man this song is awesome | Reviewer: screamo rules | 6/2/09

due this song is fukin tight. anyone who says differant is retarded. (roger) man u like rap t\i respect that. what i dnt respect is the fact that u post stupid shit like saying emos r fags. i know alot of emos and there cool people who just havent found meaning to life. this doesnt make them fags. fags r people who suck cock or fuck there onwn gender. and as far as you go to saying that this song is wack. y r u listening to it in the first place. this song has a great meaning. your just to stupid and iggnorint to notice. so fuck off and long live the metalheads. and screamos and any other rocker there is!!!!!!!!!!!!1

This song fukin rulez! | Reviewer: Taylor | 5/28/09

This song is fucking great! And emo ppl are normal ppl you fucking dick!Yeah im talkin to you fucktard!(roger) im going to give you some advice k

1-Grow a dick!

2-emo ppl are just ppl just like you except they arent dicks! I personaly dont know any emoz but just because they dress in dark clothes and listen to screamo doesnt mean they are fuked up losers!

3-why dont you go sit down in a dark room with your faggy little fukin poetry which is reffered to as rap cut yourself and shove your poetry up your fukin ass!

4-if you dont like my advice you can go fuck yourself! screemo fukin rocks!

5-Rap sucks dicks!

Awesomeness | Reviewer: Kyle | 5/20/09

I love this song!!!! and Hey! Emo's are pretty cool guys, cept for the fact that they cut themselves and want to die(only sometimes, i call the ones who dont 'Metal')...doesnt make too much sence to me...but still, i love the individuallity about it! Roger, go shove your turntable up your ass, and go back to your Candyland dreamville, with your digitally created music and your up-tight gangsta beats where everyone is the same and they force bullshit down your throat until your one of them! Rock (Metal, Punk, Classic, etc) is about the passion, what really pisses you off(or turns you on) unlike your shit that they try to sell you, and make a profit...It's bigger bullshit then the government...and we dont have a life? YOUR replying to US! This is a community where people can share stories and thoughts with people and argue on points and facts, so learn how not to suck so much of your mothers cum....remember to go slowly, taking a little less everytime(tho it will still take you years and years)

This is one of my favorites | Reviewer: Carl | 5/13/09

This song is amazing, I've seen it played twice in concert, and moshed the hell out of it. Its such an intense song.

And a note to roger:
you say people have no life if they respond to your review, but putting a song on that apparently isn't your type of music is plain stupid.

You likely don't have too many friends, if all you can do is find a song you don't like, and start an argument. I don't understand people like you.

And if you think emos are disgusting, look at yourself. I think they're way better than you, especially because most of the time they actually understand people. Unlike you apparently. Emo or not, people are people, and I don't care how you dress, how you live your life, and what you do. It's all in your attitude, and all emos have a way better attitude than you, and probly way more friends.

WTF calm down everyone | Reviewer: Liam | 5/13/09

There are a few things i would like to say about all these posts.
1. Listen roger i hate emos and think theyre pathetic shitstains on societies underwear, but have respect for theyre individuality it takes guts 2 break free of societies hold and dress like a fag/different (no offence emos) and i know about being individual coz im a goth, so are u gonna pay me out too.
2. Im a year 11 student and am doing this for my termly assessment and this is a great song with fantastic vocals and a good underlying message, and if u dont understand go and listen 2 your rap, or urban, or pop, or your terrible music without real drums, guitar, or bass (or whatever it is u people listen 2).
3. If youre gonna criticise someones spelling/grammar check your own first "Maybe if you're a emo loser." its "an" you dipshit.
4. If youve got nothing better to do than sit here and pay out a song you dont like or understand, i suggest you get off you lazy ass buy some Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu or Bullet For My Valentine and listen to the pure awesomness of actual bands, playing real music, instead of having a wank to your mammas ass while listening to 50cent and eminem.

Dudes! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/09

Hey man, everyone needs to chill out. Just relax dudes, and love one another. Live and love man, not hate. How can we ever expect to live a life of peace if we continue to hate eachother so much, and bashin on people you dont even know, thats not cool dudes! We all gotta work together in love, instead of tearin eachother apart with hate.

This SONG IS SO GOOD! | Reviewer: Roger | 4/29/09


^First learn to spell dipshit. See that's the problem with today's kids, they can't spell worth a shit.

Yeah right. Maybe if you're a emo loser who can't take the pain anymore so you'd rather eat a bullet. Which hopefully anyone who listens to this song does so we can be rid of their stupidity.

And yeah this song totally blows. Man it's so horrible. All you digusting emos slashing your wrists to it make me LOL. It's funny!

But what's even funnier is the kids who say they have lives yet have time to type up a response to what I said. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and another thing, what makes you think anyone cares what you emos have to say? Cause we don't so go blow yourselves. I'd like to see you guys stop me from posting. COME ON, DO IT!!!!


rodger your an idiot. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/09

This is my favorite song, and I hate how people like Rodger can bash it. I hate how he can be such a coward, Id like to see him say that to my face, Im emo. So if he can say this song sucks, I wish he cud say it to my face, Im only 13 and a girl, but honestly rodger go to hell. I shouldnt care what you think... but I somewhat do. I guess cuz you remind me of the seventh graders in my class. Wow, you're mature you act like a seventh grader.

Agree | Reviewer: Zeke | 4/27/09

I totally agree with Ashley. I am emo subtract cutting. I used to be like that. But I digress people like roger don't understand wat a hard time is because he probably gets everything handed to him and doesn't have to work for anything.Once agian I digress... I love this song probably best they made what happened Atreyu?

to roger: ur a loser behind the computer screen | Reviewer: Ashley | 4/21/09

hey Roger, i may be emo but i don't slash my own fucking wrists or any shit like that. i'm emo b/c i dare to be different and don't give a shit wut anyone says. and i'm not crying about how this desrcibes my life, i write my own songs to describe my life. and if you intentionally look up the lyrics just for fun, how about you print them out and shove them down ur throat so u can have them 4ever! damn nobody likes to hear from dumbasses like you and ur thoughts about us emo people. hate us or love us we rlly don't give a flyin fuck wut people like you think. go listen to ur shit called "rap" while we others listen to the best music ever made from the best band that i think ever got 2gether.

Atreyu - Bleeding Mascara | Reviewer: Rory | 4/17/09

Yeah, so you don't like emo? We care what you think? Seriously, if you look up a song just to bash it, you either have no life or you secretly love the song.

Quote Roger, "Let's see all you morons stop me from bashing this song." Why would we bother? It's not like we actually care, in case you think we do. How deluded and attention-seeking, coming on to the internet causing a stir just to get a reaction from people.
Sad, pathetic - even pityful, despite the fact that the way you have approached us removed all possibility of pity.

Better luck next time, little lad. Get out of the house.

Atreyu rulz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/09

i love this song :)
so catchy! perfect balance of singing and screaming/growling.
thought i'd say something friendly in here and not get involved with everything else.
this song is perfection. love atreyu!

Get a life !!... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/09

I think you stupid douchbag people who look up songs that they dont like intentionally should get a life, it is your problem if it offends you, it is your problem if you dont like the song, so stop trying to tell other people what to like, Atreyu has guts to express themselves and write a song about something with an actual meaning to it, maybe you should start realising that people dont give a shit about what you have to say. Its people like you that these songs are written about, i will say it again get a fucking life, and by the way, Atreyu is Madd, ecspecially bleeding mascara, why dont you stop calling people emo when your the dickhead, dont think you wont hear from me again because you fucking douches make me angry, trying to control peoples intrests like you own them, and why dont you stop searching around the net, looking to critisize peoples work,they maybe emo but they do have feelings :():