... | Reviewer: Laura | 12/8/08

hahaha....this is sooo ridiculous

1. It´s Metalcore (no Metal, no Emo)....but who cares?? If I like the band I don´t give a SHIT if someone call it wrong!! Are you "tough guys" so afraid of someone calling "your band" emo??

2. Don´t comment the comments of people who write a comment just to tell the world that they don´t like a band. Believe me, they are happy about every reply, cause offending someone make their boring life a little bit more interesting.

By the way: I love Atreyu and I love this song!!

WTF | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/08

Ok so you don't like the song....so ummm...why the hell look up the lyrics???? Hellllooo...Atreyu is a mad band...so i admit they aren't the best band to see live but there music kicks ass and Bleeding Mascara is a great song...in which most Atreyu fans would agree :) so to all those loosers who spend there time looking up songs they don't like for the purpose of insulting them...huh hum...get a life...im out

I <3 Atreyu | Reviewer: Michael | 11/24/08

GOD, i love listening to this song, and all of Atreyu's songs they fucking rock, i wish they would come back to Australia some time soon though : ]......


immature fuckers.... | Reviewer: Nykole Demton | 11/22/08

(email me if u have shit to say) u guys are all immature. U spend ur fucken time lukkin up lyrics that u probably dont even like. and then u go comment as if u know what u r talkin bout. i have news for u, ur really dont! all i have to say is get a life....get a bf/gf! make out with someone..idc! just dont go dissing a good band. You guys try to pose as if ur all so cool, and to tel u the truth, if u go lookin up songs that u dont even like, but pretend u do..that already makes u a LOSER. GROW THE FUCK UP. and dont get me startesd on this emo shit. it is not EMO!!!!!!!! in my opinion, emo isnt even a fucken type of click in hs, cuz everyone would fit in, bcuz we all have our EMOtional moments. so anyways, last time i checked, there was no E-M-O in M-E-T-A-L.....and this is a hardcore metal song. its kick ass, and so is Atreyu....so leave it the fuck alone. ALL u stupid immature people should get a fucken life and go lsten to ur own music.......like every NORMAL person does.
if u dont like wat i said, then u can email me @ dentonnykole13@yahoo.com
or my myspace email is stormyautum@cox.net
god....... stupid ppl

immature fuckers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/08

you guys are all fuckin immature....this is a kick ass song and if u dont like it, then why the hell did u look it up in the first place? look, all i have to say is get a fucking life...get a bf/gf, make out with sum1, do something!and im not gana even go there with that emo shit.....its a fucken metal song, there is no E-M-O in M-E-T-A-L...get it??????????go listen to music that U DO LIKE, stop posing and trying to be cool, cuz if u spend ur time looking @ lyrics that u DONT EVEN LIKE, then that already makes u a loser.....Atreyu is fuckin amazin, and so is there songs, so take that shit and shove it up ur vapenis. Go suck ur mothers fucken dick

Uhh.. Okay.. | Reviewer: FireStorm^^ | 11/17/08

Fine, it's been commented as an "emo"-song. Let it go already.. people are just starting to state the same fact, over and over and over again. If you get annoyed by people who "flames" something you like, and you start to get angry and have to post a reply that's even more ridiculous, then.. What better are you?.. Just let it go.

And I know it's a great feeling to let your opinion loose, but come on.. 10 pages of the same? well, almost..

Great song btw!

let me just say | Reviewer: Jesus Christ Your Saviour. | 10/16/08

"emo" is short for Emotional Hardcore. Atreyu is not Emotional Hardcore. neither are half the bands that the so called "Emo-Scene" listen to, including Fall Out Boy and Death Cap For Cutie. case closed.

you cannot argue with Jesus.

superbly put. | Reviewer: firefox999 | 10/10/08

I don't think anyone could deny your obvious logic Liza, I uderstand the need to defend a band as awesome as Atreyu from idiots who need to get a life, but don't you think we've gotten a little side tracked? Anyhoo, this was the first Atreyu song I ever heard and I instantly loved them. WOOT!

Wow. | Reviewer: Liza. | 9/24/08

1.Look, if you don't like this song, why did you look it up?
I think I can probably answer that. You don't have anything better to do with your night, so you go on the internet to bug people. Get a girlfriend/boyfriend in real life kids, and your parents don't count.

2.Stop with the emo shit. This song isn't emo.
This band isn't emo. And theres no such thing as an "Emo Kid". Thats stupid people labeling kids over the years. Emo was deprived from "Emotive Hardcore", a long time ago. Not fucking "emotional." EVERYTHING that makes us feel emotions is emotional. EVERYONE is emotional. The emo label is the stupidest shit in the world.

3.Everyone has they're own opinions. If you don't like this music, stop being stupid and look up lyrics to songs you DO like. Don't bother other people. I don't like rap, hip-hop, or most genres like that; but, I don't go around bothering people who do. If you think its fun to do this, your a loser. Like I said before, if you do this, get off your computer, people don't want to deal with you.

I love this song, and Atreyu. I love lots of their songs. I hate when people have to come on and ruin it for people who do like it though, its really pathetic.

why? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/08

what i don't get is why do these people come onto these sites and insult good songs, i mean do you really have nothing better to do with your time than go onto a lyrics site and say that a song is emo? and like the person below me says why does it matter weather they're emo or not? its still a good song

LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!! | Reviewer: stephanie | 9/17/08

why the hell should it matter if some one is emo or not?? exactly it shouldnt so every one that doesnt like emo people or emo music for that matter just needs to shut the fuck up and get over themselves!!!!!!!!!! and for the fucking record I HATE PREPS!!!!!!!! so take that and shove it!!!! and leave atreyu out of your immature little arguements - they are much too kewl for that shit!!!!

Emo or not | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/08

The perpetual debate about whether a song is deemed to be 'emo' or not appears to be moot point, if anything. In other words, it is besides the point. You are open to your opinion and if you deem this song to be emo than fair enough, but a. that certainly does not make the listeners emo, for im sure that those people who listen to rock are not all drug addicted sociopaths, b. It is your opinion, not everyone elses and is hence, subject to no real verification or proof, and thus you do not any tangible evidence to support your claim, so perhaps its better off left unsaid, and finally c. Even if this song is emo (which i do not agree with) it still doesn't detract from the simple fact that this is a fucking good song. Enough said.

TITLE :D | Reviewer: Dr.Acula | 8/12/08

Atreyu are amazing. :]
I love this song.

And um, I'm just gunna throw this one out there..
They're not emo so shut up. Everyone just shut up about it. If you have nothing nice to say, then navigate away from these amazing lyrics. :]

wtf??? | Reviewer: Jazzmine | 7/29/08

Ok guys, emo means emotional people get discribed as emo because they get upet easily and they are emotional and anyone can be emo not everyone is emo they have emotions but not everyone is very emotional and this genre of music is metal it gets called emo because emotional people might like to listen to it but its really not that much of a big deal so build a bridge and get the hell over it ciao amigos

emo ? | Reviewer: lauren | 7/10/08

why is everyone commenting about being emo?
it doesnt matter what people are. besides,
everyone is emo. emo means emotional. if you're
not emo then theres something wrong with you.

i love this song. atreyu is amazing. i like all
there new stuff too. :) its amazing.