I'm Settling This | Reviewer: Invadertree | 4/2/14

The term "emo" comes from the term emotive hardcore which was a style of music that combined elements of death metal, metalcore and punk rock. An emo was someone who listened to this kind of music. Very few emos actually cut themselves and feel depressed all the time. This was just a view society had on it just like society thought metal was evil or "satanic". Anyone can call themselves an emo, even a blonde surfer from California or Australia. Emo music generally involved music styles linked to metalcore and lyrics linked to death metal or punk rock. They also listen to bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Alice in Chains, Nirvana and The Offspring. Personally I like all those bands and I'm happy to call myself an emo. If you are going to call it emo, at least get the definition right otherwise you just end up looking like a complete fuckwit who's life is so pathetic that the only way you can feel better about yourself is by talking shit about other people and the things they like. Your life cannot be that pathetic, right?

Best Atreyu Song | Reviewer: Boogyman | 1/13/12

This is my favorite Atreyu song, it was the first song by them i ever heard, it got me into Atreyu. So i definatly say its their best song, that is however just my personal oppinion.

Ohh my | Reviewer: OhTheBestBiotch | 6/1/11

Maybe, if you all just focused on the MUSIC, and NOT on whether or not the song is "emo", or if it's screamo or metal. Does it really matter in the end? Cast labels out of your life, people, you'll be happier for it.
As for this song, my friend showed it to me and now I'm hooked!! Atreyu is (so far), the only band that I listen to that does metal. So far, I enjoy it a lot and I think Atreyu will always be my fave, as well as this song.
So f*ck you hating bastards.

Awesome | Reviewer: Dr. J | 3/19/11

I think Atreyu is one of the better bands that i've heard in a while, I usually listen to bands such as Bullet, Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, etc. My cousin recently turned me on to Atreyu and I've been listening to them alot ever since then, that being said, I think this is one of their best songs

i agree with you dude, shes a souless bitch | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/11

I fucking love this song but aggree with the dude down lower he isnt be sofisticated and isnt dissing the work he can see the true meening, and f*** man its angry music stop seeing such love in it its music to make us get mad and its seriously AMASING S**T , but f*** dont call yourself a metal head unless you can appreciate all metal, nu metal classic metal or metal core, thats what a metal head does,LOVE YOU ATREYU AND LOVE YOU ALL GODSMACK TOO

Great Song | Reviewer: hello | 11/21/10

This song is pretty good, I even figured most of what it means, pretty cool, my friends trying to get me into metal lol, I'm an electro freak, but ya, like it alot. also five finger death punch ehhe

some people are so stupid | Reviewer: Bleep | 10/29/10

Yeah....right, firstly - why would you even wanna comment on a song you hate so much? I haven't read all of the shit some people posted, i just find it quite useless actually. Is your life so boring and confiscated that you find pleasure in insulting someone's work? For all those that had a bad word...go stick your head up your ass and then you'll see what we think of you, try writing a song that mildly compares to this...its not that easy...so f*ck off with your insults and go listen to Justin Bieber 'cause its apparent that you suck.....I think this is a Rad song

Seriously People | Reviewer: Synn | 10/25/10

I'm so sick of people saying that one form of metal is better or worse than the other, any real metalhead can appreciate any form of metal.
The point is metal makes you feel empowered and that your not alone no matter what your going through, it is a collection of people that can be themselves and not have to conform to societal bullshit, this song is just about a soulless bitch that fucked some guys life and he is not gonna be like her and lower himself to her level whats wrong with that?

:D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/10

Amazing song all you people that think this song sucks should just shutup. Seriously Im a girl and I like it so its obvousily a awesome song! Anything by atryeu is amazing! It kinda sounds like 2cents and thats one of my favorite parts!! Like this song and this band are amazing! :P

great! | Reviewer: wolves | 7/19/10

all of u ppl that say the band is great i totally agree now that i understand what hes saying i love the meaning of it its a very seemingly powerful song and atreyu is one of the greatest bands out there :D

Cool song. | Reviewer: urmomshaus | 6/13/10

This song is pretty boss. It's a good song to work to. I like it even better now that i know the lyrics behind the screaming. I happen to listen to virtually every subgenre of music(besides country) and think Atreyu's great. And lighten up on your comments guys, in case you noticed, the people you're trying to yell at posted their comments weeks, even months ago.

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/10

You know what? If i dont like a song, i usually do not look up the lyrics for it. Stop spoiling this site for everyone else. Anyway. Atreyu. Amazingly awesome band. Love the lyrics. All the time. This song however is one of their best i believe, alongside Tulips Are Better and Wait For You :D

ok listen faggots | Reviewer: nick | 4/12/10

this song is not EMO. omfuckinggod all these retards that say this is emo should just, i dunno

this is clearly metalcore which is no where near fucken emo

he is doing fry screams. emos do false chord screams if they sing cause thats more emoie or whatever.

Heh heh heh | Reviewer: The Man | 4/4/10

Yeah this song rules. That's right.


I fucking rule. I started this whole thing with one comment three years ago and it's still going on today. Obviously I've added fuel to the fire a few times but I've got to hand it to you guys, you did most of the work.

This song is emo shit. After you get done cutting yourselves after listening to this garbage, wash yourself up and go get a life. Chicken fuckers.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/10

really...people cant think what they want? people cant like this song. I like it..but mr bipolar over here cant handle the fact that some people have their own opinions and dont like this song. Too bad this isnt the greatest song ever made. get over yourself. its a song. yes, its a great song. but not everyone has to like it.