Atreyu = Best band ever!!!! | Reviewer: Juggernaut | 1/4/08

I love the unique style of atreyus music. These guys freakin rock, best band ever! I'll fight anyone who says they aren't!!!!

What The Hell?!? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/07

Why the hell are all of you calling this song emo? Stop calling it emo!? And why are you people commenting just to complain about how the lyrics are emo. That's not what it's FOR! This is for people who actually like the song. First you liked the song, then you found the lyrics and say it's emo. All you people don't KNOW what emo means! All you know is what you heard, from rumors and what not. And you do NOT label music that you love, you love it because of the meaning. Not by what is labeled to be. Not one has the right to hurt others! And DO NOT comment here if you do not like that song/lyrics. Keep your negative opinions to yourself. No one wants to hear it. Emo is not a word if it means judging people.

awesome song | Reviewer: ninjaofdeath | 12/31/07

Wow bleeding mascara is like an awesome song and those ppl who think this song is emo ur fucked up in the head and if u don't like the song then dont comment ur stupid thoughts cause nobody really cares! But anyways this song kicks ass cheya!!!!!! Atreyu the best band ever

Atreyu is awesome | Reviewer: i love lamp | 1/1/08

I promise you that if i ever hear anyone in person dissing atreyu i will beat the shit out of them and think of all yu trash talkers when i do it. funny thing is i can blame the ass beating on combat stress from iraq and ill be given a pat on the back for it!

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/07

i love this song too but i never understood the words other than "bleeding mascara, lips are quivering like a withering rose" lol i lost the song in my play list and i had to look up that part to find that name again.

ill kill u. | Reviewer: ...fuck the emo haters. | 12/28/07

alright so.
i am getting sick and fucking tired of hearing this bullshit about emo haters. let me ask why, hmm i know cause you think that ohh they wanna kill themselves.. its cause of people like you . and how the fuck would you feel, if your sister or something, was emo. which means emotional you dumbass pricks. .. wouldnt feel that nice would it? if you dont fucking like it. THEN DONT TALK ABOUT IT . and who gave ANYONE the right, to label fucking music? its made for people who like it.. not for people who wanna call it emo, just so they could fit in with their friends. and oh my fuck, its notthing to be proud of.if your trying to look emo or whatever, and ur not. your a POSER
yeah that word kinda speaks for itself so no need to give the definition.if emo people wanna die, its none of ur buisness why and no one gave u the right to insult them. SO FUCKYAS :)

great song | Reviewer: john | 12/22/07

whoever thinks this ssong is emo is a dumbass emos cut themself this song has nothing to do with slitting your rists or commiting suisideand even if it did it would just be raising the issue
any this is one of my fav songs but i couldent understand the lyrics until now :)

shut the heck up. | Reviewer: don't need to fricckin know | 12/14/07

This band is soo now holy fuckin shit. half the ppl on here don't even know what fricckin emo means. soo shut the frick up.
this is a fuckin awesome band.

once again, | Reviewer: ... | 12/12/07

Atreyu is an awsome band. This song is a great song to listen to. it really calms you down.

I may not have mentioned this in my earlier rant but consider this a continuation:


Back to my other message:
There is no denying that Atreyu has some Emo influence, though.

... | Reviewer: zoe. | 12/9/07

I'm not saying the music it's self is emo, but the lyrics aren't exactly the most cheerful i've ever heard. I mean "Look how pretty she is when she falls down, now there's no beauty in bleeding mascara" - how can you NOT call that emo? :/
And before you go getting all defensive about "emos", actually read the lyrics and try to understand where all us supposed "emo haters" are coming from? And if you choose to write a bunch of crap on here about my so called cruelty to emos LOL, it will make me happy to think that you poor pathetic sods are crying your eyes out because i chose to call these lyrics emo.
Anyway, half the supposed emos today actually don't have a clue what real depression is, they just wear lots of eyeliner and cut their wrists because its what all the totally HARDxCORE!!123 KIDZ ARE DOING OMGZ! -.-

christ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/07

i dont argee with these folk coming on here and abusing "emos" yeah,
but you lot who choose to defend them are being as stereotypical as the assholes who choose to spend their spare time on here abusing people online because they are completely ignorant.

sweet song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/07

holy crap, sex scene tbh, you're like my twin when it comes to music! Atreyu, Alexisonfire, and A7X are the shit! you should try bullet for my valentine and comeback kid, they're really good as well.

L.O.V.E | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/07

i L.O.V.E this song!! if they had more radio airtime more people would be priviledged to hear there music. maybe there not on the radio becoz the people aren't ready for them.. maybe it's to different for them! Doesn't matter what they think i LOVE it!

whoever the fuck is makin fun of emo is retarted | Reviewer: BulletForMyValentine | 11/16/07

Ok why would these flaming retards even make fun of emo when they probably dont even fucking know what an emo is.

and if your saying this song is emo your seriously fucked up in the head.

Emo is more of like, Hawthorne heights and From First to Last.

blue | Reviewer: red | 11/16/07

Theres not acturaly an official genre called emo, its a trend not a genre of music, emos may listen to this so get over it lol

But theres nothing wrong with emo music, i wouldnt call atreyu emo because of there style of music and singing, its metal, there lyrics however u cud consider emo.

Killswitch engage, u listen to them and u wudnt think there an emo band, well there not 4 one thing, but there lyrics, o boy yeh they are lol