fags | Reviewer: synyster | 3/12/08

all you STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS talking shit about this band, where are YOUR gold and platinum albums? Alex would kick the shit outta all of you and I would help and so would everybody else....probably some lil fag teenagers who sit in front of the computer all day and havent even tasted pussy yet....stupid lil stinkdicks

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/08

I thought Atreyu is Metalcore.
And...Yeah Great song.Rock on!!!

again with the emo thing... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/08

Atreyu isn't emo. Neither are Simple Plan or any pop-rock band like that. If you want to know what emo is go listen to some Sunny Day Real Estate.

Great song, learning it on guitar at the moment. Very fun to play! :D

yeh.. | Reviewer: patch | 2/28/08

and even if someone tries to save you, ur so fked up in the head you wont listen.
thats me in a nutshell for ya.
well was me. i was deperssed. im healed now, seriously if anyone is depressed reading this do something about it. see someone, it will make everything a hell of alot easier for you. it was a bit weird and embarrasing with my parents for like a week but its fine now. 1 in 5 people get depression, so ur not alone..

Emo, Eh? | Reviewer: Jaheem | 2/28/08

How is it that people call this emo? I thought simple plan and all those shitty bands where the whine and cry into the mic was emo. Maybe one could say this is screamo, but I'm thinkin emo just doesn't work.

drown in your fake personality... | Reviewer: avonlea | 2/18/08

people...stop insulting this song just because you think it's emo. who the fuck cares about what catergory of music it falls into, its about this song individually and you shouldn't judge it by anything else. and you're talking about how depressing the lyrics are-you wouldn't be saying that if you knew what it was like to be constantly miserable,trapped in this little box with no escape, an no one trys to save you. yeah if you never felt like that, go drown yourself in your fake personalities with listening to that fagget soulja boy you're so obsessed with...

Evil bitch!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/08

I love this song cause it lets me get past a girl who is always flirting with me and playing with my head. This gong also hits me hard cause at the same time, she doesnt even want to give me a chance with her. so listening to this song kicks that bitch out of my head

Alexandra | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/08

Omg. I love this song. and i so agree with you Midnight Beat :D lawl... Anyways. Yeah not everything is fucking rainbows and butterflies. This is reality. and it's fucked up. :D

good song | Reviewer: spencer douglas | 1/17/08

There is much hate in these reviews. Live is too short to hate. I am sure that everyone has had their heart ripped out by someone. That is what this song is about. Personally I don't know if I could have moved on from my ex without songs like this. This is how I cope. I turn on this song and other songs in the genre, roll my windows down, turn up the volume, and scream with every once of energy I have in my body. Try it sometime. Trust me nothing is more liberating. I enclosed my e-mail address because I feel that you should be able to contact me. Remember when you send angry letters to me, well I then receive your e-mail address and I have many friends who would love to kill 5 minutes to shoot you a shitty message back. Please do e-mail me if you try what i do and tell me if you liked it I ask no more and no less.

Go Have A Wank | Reviewer: midnight beats | 1/10/08

Great song, the chorus gets into your head.

Sure the lyrics aren't exactly the happiest thing in the world, but who said they have to be?
There's no fucking rule in the music industry that says you have to write about fucking rainbows and butterflies.

Why are you looking up the lyrics if you don't like the song?

Go have a wank and stop making all these emo kids even more depressed than they are.

Beast | Reviewer: popie | 1/11/08

people are crazy just because atreyu screams doesn't mean they're emo i like atreyu cause of the lyrics and the kickass guitar skills they have fuckin awsome band right here, my friends didn't understand them eithe rand they didn't like atryu but they don't realize how good this band is it is amazing :)

Emo!? | Reviewer: Tristan | 1/10/08

I listen to ALOT of hip hop, yeah i used to like metal and believe me this stuff isnt Emo, its about as far away from emo as 50 Cent. (Note 50Cent is indeed a cock, i dont deny that)

Anyway yeah dont diss Atreyu, nothing else will make you get out of your seat and go mad like this!!

i wanna stick my dick in a big bowl of pudding. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/08

atreyu is by far one of the best bands of all time. fuck you fags who stereotype ppl by music. thsi is a great song and maybe if some ppl took a minute off they busy fuckign schedules to listen to some of it they might enjoy it.

Reply to anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/08

This song is good, just because it shows emoption doesnt mean its emo. atreyu is great at converting emotion and feelings into lyrics and they do a damn fine job at it so fuck off.

emo? OHNOES | Reviewer: Murmur | 1/6/08

I think that this is a pretty good song. Not the best, and not the worst.

And really, just build a bridge and get over it. If someone calls Atreyu 'emo', big freaking deal. If someone calls you emo, same thing. I read like... eight pages of that crap, and it's rather hilarious to see how offended people get.

to me, there's a couple of types of 'emo'. The fakers who self-harm to try to look 'cool', write poetry, and do other things that make up the stereotype. Then, there are people who have depression, who have lots of problems, who are sensitive that are given that label. And then there are the people who have fringes because they like them, wear black because they want to, and are also given that label.

Ateyu is not emo. Atreyu is not heavy metal. Atreyu, as much as I know that I'll get eaten for it, is not the greatest band out there. If you have a problem with me speaking my opinion, I don't care. Thank you.