this song... | Reviewer: lolbffaeae | 10/11/07

well, first of all, i agree with the post below me, its not the GREATEST song in the entire world but its still pretty sweet. and for everyone callin ti emo and shit, your a retard. its fucking metal core you downtards. this song is dope for guitar and the lyrics arent bad at all, although i dont really like the singing part it works with this song because it fits the genre. so i say if they keep belting out licks like that on guitar and keep their shit metal then good on them.

awesome song | Reviewer: Mat | 10/12/07

The intro to this song is amazing!
This is Atreyu at their finest. To those who are calling it emo or whatever, stop trying to categorize music and just enjoy it for what it is. If you don't like it you don't have to listen to it.

adam is a faget | Reviewer: dan | 10/7/07

this song is great bur ur talking like its the best in the whole world thats not true but i like it :) ps adam ucould beat the shit ut of me son

wow | Reviewer: Adam | 10/5/07

this song fucking ROCKS, fuck all those who disagree, i will gladly shit kick u all! if u gotta problem with me, guess what, i dont fucking care, i will waste u all, and if u somehow find urself wanting more, come blow me! (wow, all in 1 breath) GO ATREYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay | Reviewer: Penny Pham | 10/1/07

I've always listened to this song and added it to my list of awesome but it really sticks out. Reminds of the movie carrie for some reason.

Fucking awesome song! | Reviewer: Vampress | 9/24/07

Firstly I just wanna say that this is a fucking awesome song, it's got great lyrics and it's a fabulous melody.

Now, as for all you fucks out there who are on here insulting emo's, get a fucking life! If you fucking went looking for the lyrics, then you go and say shit about it...what the fuck? Get a fucking life all you dickheads out there!

Live and let live,

dissers | Reviewer: Ethan | 9/23/07

jesus.....if you dont like this band....why come here at all? if all you can do is sit behind a computer screen all fuckin day and dis bands that you have probably never heard of and even listened to then you ovbiously have no life... at least some of us can actaully afford to buy cd's and even download their songs and give them a chance unlike you fuckers that just sit there dissing them because your too lazy to listen to them.... i have a few words for people like that...GET A JOB...BUY SOME MUSIC...AND LISTEN TO IT BEFORE DISSING IT!!!!!

lol | Reviewer: better | 9/22/07

I'm just going to go ahead and say to every single person that's said that they will 'beat the fuck out of' or 'kill' 'emos' or anything even close to that, that I would gladly take each and every one of you down in a heartbeat.
Bring it and you might just earn yourselves an indefinite hospital bed.

Intriguing song | Reviewer: Leanna Banana | 9/17/07

I enjoy this song. I used to hate Atreyu and I always said it was for emo faggots like some of you people... but the more I listened to it, I realised it's more metal than anything and the music and songs are just plain good. It isn't the best band but it sure as hell is better than anything you assholes can play and I beleive Atreyu deserves some respect as a band making music that they love. Fuck all you angry haters.


<3 xoxo Leanna

ben | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/07

haha wow people need do learn the difference between emo and metal, and im with the others on this one if you dont like the song then dont listen to it, if you just want to come on here so spout off bullshit at people you've never met than you really need to get a fucking life and get over yourself, it takes a real woman to bash people they know nothing about

my god... | Reviewer: Dinil | 9/11/07

This review is for all you cunts that posted on this.. if you do not like the band, the song or emo/metal in general, then why waste your time searching for this fucking song just to say gay shit about it... Go fuck ya selves
if u have any problems at all add me on and id be gald to swear at you some more.

Nikkola Keogh | Reviewer: nikkola | 9/9/07

look i just read more comments and u have no right to judge peole weather they slit ther wrist or not its none of ur business u dont know what they are goin through or been through and maybe they would stop sliting teher wrist if people wrent saying shit like go kill ya self and shit teh reason its called emo is cause ther emotionally chalennged and they dont know how to control ther emotions so they cut tehr wirst if it stops them spazong out on others then hu cares what they do and they dont do i to try and kill them self sum do but most dont wnt to die they are just ounishing them selfs

Atreyu Rock, Dogmatism Does NOT | Reviewer: Pissed off Dogmatism hater | 9/9/07

I do enjoy this song.
This band reminds me much of dragonforce, and I love
their music.

Now look, these people who have nothing better to do than post comments attacking people online.
If you dislike this band, then what the f#ck are you doing on their lyrics?? Get past your dislexic random blabbing about how much you will beat people, if you're so insecure that you take comfort in insulting randoms across the safety of a computer screen, then I believe it is you that will likely be cutting YOUR wrists.

Live and Let Live.

OMG this song rocks | Reviewer: Grady | 9/7/07

This song is so fucking retarded, like all you dumbass mother fuckers. So why don't you all just shut the fuck up about how great this song is and come suck on my big fat hairy dick you emo faggots.

OMG this song rocks | Reviewer: Grady | 9/7/07

This song is so fucking retarded, like all you dumbass mother fuckers. So why don't you all just shut the fuck up about how great this song is and come suck on my big fat hairy dick you emo faggots.