Review for Atmosphere

------ 07/29/2007 12:00:00 PM

Inadequate Emcee And Im Still Holding The {M}{I}{C}

I have to admit that seven is a sick emcee, but the reason that no alot of people listen to him is because HIPHOP is CORPORATE (RAP IS).. the Radio tell you what to listen to, they dont ask you what you want to hear, and thats basicly the downfall of this music gender of music..
is not dead. is just resting in deep as of now.
and emcees like SLUG and IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE, MASTA ACE, TONEDEFF, CUNNINLYNGUIST, OUTERSPACE, AND OTHER GREAT EMCEES are doing a good jod tryin to wake it up...
HIPHOP is coming back in a brand new ERA.

Thanks to
BaSick-Alphabit for submitting the review.