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Performed by Atmosphere

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Lucy Ford | Reviewer: Ian Jackson | 11/12/12

this song has nothing to do with LSD as the top comment claims. "lucy" comes from "lucy ford", the name of the album and it is also similar to "lucifer". slug has already said this song is about his past addiction to alcohol which is one of his personal demons or "lucifers".

It's so obvious... | Reviewer: Carson Ruth | 9/6/12

If you ever done acid before you'd know that another name for LSD is Lucy...I never got it till I just re-listened to this song.

Acid makes you feel like everything is okay, it makes you feel like you have the answer for everything. And in his realization he realizes that it's all fake. All the things he discovered in himself is induced by a drug that he didnt need. That real love is not acid. LSD is known as the love drug. It makes you so gone that you feel so satsifed by everything and love everyone.

"And everyone in his life would mistake it as love
Everyone in his life would mistake it as love
Everyone in his life would mistake it as love"

Goes to with what I'm saying its like induced love....

" The difficulty in keeping emotions controlled
Cookies for the road
Took me by the soul
Hunger for the drama
Hunger for the nurture
Gonna take it further
The hurt feels like murder
The eyes
Read the lines on her face
The sunshine is fake
How much time did i waste?
Fuck you Lucy for leaving me
Fuck you Lucy for not needin me
I wanna say fuck you
Because i still love you
No, I'm not OK
And I don't know what to do"

Just reminds me a lot of how I felt after I quit doing hallucingens, and realized that it's all fake but I still miss the feeling of okay that it gave me. Fake sunshine reminds me of how everything seems brighter than it actually is when you're tripping.

"Sober and upset in the morning
I wanna scream Fuck you Lucy
But the problem is i love you Lucy"

Is how I first felt when I quit...Exactly.

About that hole "Lucy Ford" thing | Reviewer: Baal | 8/3/12

to get to the bottom of that whole Lucifer methapher... the only Time Lucy and Ford (which is supposed to make Lucifer) came together was on Lucy Ford the EPs. Which is basically just a collection of 3 EPs: Lucy (which is, u guessd it about Lucy, whoever she is) and Ford 1 and 2... who are about Cars and Traveling across the country... so there technically is no "Lucy Ford"...
oh and whatever Lucy stands for... give yourself Fuck You Lucy, Say Hey There and Your Name Here it's fun

Love it but lyrics on this are messed up | Reviewer: That Man | 5/2/12

so in the begining the voice says "me leave never would you, you showed could i if" not "leave me never would you, you showed could i if" bbbbeeecccaaauuuussssseeee if you saayyy it backwords it says (and i quote from slug himself)"if i could show you, you would never leave me" still love this song tho, slug is my favortie rapper. still stays true to the true rap game.

lucy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/11

ive been told that "Lucy" is a reference to all of the shitty relationships he's had. Lucy is the name he gave to all his toxic girlfriends.

Makes sense to me. So thats how i take it.

lucy@hip hop | Reviewer: OZ | 6/12/11

lucy and hip hop its what gave life to slug which lucy its a devil that makes him happy and sad because they relationship is on and off.hip hop is what keeps him happy but it makes him to be involved with alcohol.OZ

Wow... | Reviewer: e.r | 3/13/11

"Read the lines on her face
The sunshine is fake
How much time did i waste?"
so deep this song has a lot of meaning i can reflect to it in every word harsh and cruel how much a women can take your heart and rip it right out of your chest.

Alcohol | Reviewer: VHB | 12/2/10

I heard this song is partly about his alcohol addiction, and the name Lucy actually comes from Lucifer. After listening to the song with that in mind I can kinda see how it could relate, thought it was pretty interesting.

I wanna say fuck you lucy! But I still love you lucy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/10

God I love this song. After the love of my life left me I listened to this till I memorized the lyrics. It brings back his cruel feelings and his fucking games. Slug will be my favorite rapper, and this is my favorite song ever.
"The hurt feels like murder."

Twisted | Reviewer: Revz | 8/22/10

Damn this song is some crazy twisted shit...My ex boyfriend sang this song to me yesterday and all did was thank him because i did hurt him alot and after that we just broke into tears becuase this song relates to him alot...I know for a fact i was his lucy and i wasnt proud of it..i fucked up cause all this kidd wanted was love!

It explains the past of my relationship. | Reviewer: Caressa Dupree. | 8/1/10

I have been on && off wit this guy Thomas, wen we were off he told meeh to look up this song && think bout shiit. So I did, it explains so much about our past, From the very first letter to the very last one, frum the very first beat to the very last beat, this song explains us. We've been on && off for almost a year now, were done going off. Were pretty much married, && expecting kids. Well I Love this song. Atmosphere, yur fuckin amazing, keep it up.

its about both... | Reviewer: Bobby | 2/15/10

Lucy is about both, it first started young in Sean's hip hop career Lucy was a generalization of all women at first cause of his anger with his girlfriend he is with they have been on and off for years, but as time went on that name Lucy did turn into a metaphor for all aspects of the hip hop game and his outlook on all of it...

Lyrical content | Reviewer: HipHopFan | 2/6/10

Just wanted to let you people know that Lucy isnt a women, its not even a metaphor for women in general its actually a metaphor for substance abuse and hip hop. Slug hates that hip hop has completely dictated his life but he still loves it at the same time. He cant distance himself from it because its completely made him into the person he is.

Lucy Ford | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/09

Lucy comes from Lucy Ford. Which is Slugs lucifer, he's mentioned it in interviews about how he doesnt love a girl named Lucy but instead he created Lucy ford (the devil) as to his drinking problems and everything else bad his life,
think about that and listen to the song again..

Dude | Reviewer: dude | 5/28/09

I know exactly where slug is coming from in this song. I feel your pain homie. When I was going through a break up, my friend introduced me to this song. The very first line, is exactly what I went through. You appreciate music so much more when you understand the purpose and lyrics. I worship you slug. Duck you lucy!!!! From that heart

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