Ashlee Simpson | Reviewer: Emma Dawson | 6/25/2008

Ashlee Simpson Does Not Deserve To Be Married To Pete Wentz And Especialy Have A Baby Pete Could Do So Much Better Pete Ime Always Here For You!!
Night Or Day ;)

Emma Pete Louise Lewis Kingston Dawson Wetnz

Call Me :]

Ashlee <3 | Reviewer: Henriette | 6/6/2007

I love her songs !
She is a great person and she is a very good singer. I hear so often I can . And everytime I hear her, I have to sing along.

I Talk abouy you LOT<3 | Reviewer: Anna | 4/27/2007

I Think that you're really nice person, And that you don't have time to do a new album. But would you do PLEASE! :) Thank You!

Wow | Reviewer: Trysh | 6/21/2006

As A Singer/Songwriter Myself, She Inspires Me To Write The Best I Can...
Her Lyrics Push Me To A Higher Plane Than Most Songwriters That I've Heard. I Love Her Music And I Hope That She'll Write More And Make Tons More Albums Cos I Couldn't Live Without Her Music! That Whole 'Saturday Night Live' Stuff Wasn't Her Fault And I Have Never Lost My Faith In Her.

okay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/2005

she is an okay singer. I don't think she is all that great but i like some of her songs. So yeah i only think she is okay.

shes cool | Reviewer: a cool person | 11/24/2005

ok. even though she did get caught lipsynching. shes still a GREAT artist. and every singer lipsynch before, she just got caught. havent you noticed how after she got caught on SNL, every singers voice sounds a lot different from when they used to perform "live". everyone did it, she was just the one who got caught. remember that. she has a new album out named "i am me" and i love it i love the lyrics and the rhythem. there are some egreat songs. theyre relaly origanal. and i mean come on you think that like britney spears doesnt lipsynch or lindsey lohen? i mean COME ON! their voices arent even really and they dont have to be caught to know that their fake. lindsey lohan was an actress before too and her voice fake and TOTALLY computerized. ok well thats all i have to say. remember what i said. GO ASHLEE SIMSPON! BOO BS & LL.

can't tell how I... | Reviewer: $@/\/dY | 9/25/2005

Sorry but i just hate ashlee simpson!!! She's an imposter!!! come on!! how can you guys like her??? She's one of the worst singer I ever heard!!! Anyways I just hope that she will not do another cd

She's a keeper | Reviewer: Nathan | 8/11/2005

Hello! I just wanted to say that I adore everything about you. Your voice, your heart, and yes your looks :) Just about everything. If you ever read this I would like to tell you I love you so much and would do anything to meet you or talk to you. Keep up the good work! You're so gorgeous

WOW | Reviewer: katie | 2/25/2005

This is an ace album! Its nice to see a younger sister come into the spotlight. I got the album over here in England and havnt took it out of my CD player since!


hey there | Reviewer: amanda espinoza | 8/3/2004

hey there ashlee hi my name is amanda and i wanted to tell u hi cause im 18 and never had a childhood and i want to go on tour to see u perform i know that will never happen so anyways i love u alot and i hope u never have to change for noone exept your hair thats a good thing well until i see u hope u have a swell time from your career