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Performed by Ashanti

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loving it | Reviewer: SAndy | 11/19/2007

Hi guys this is Sandra from Germany I had to choose a love song for my English class and I love Ashanti!!So lot´s of love from Germany^^býe

only you | Reviewer: Victoria Lang | 9/25/2007

this song is one of the best songs i have ever heard in my lifer i love it to death it freaking rocks!!

To Jessica M.Young | Reviewer: Lindah | 7/22/2007

It is so sad that youh are aktually riskin your safety and puttin your adress on a site were people can easily acces youhr details and do anything tto people in the future dont put your details on bulletin things like these

Ashanti do you go out with JaRule are Nelly | Reviewer: Jessica M. Young | 7/9/2007

Ashanti do you go uot with JaRule are Nelly and if you do its okay if you do but you should go out with him but I thot JaRule was oyur brother and you want out with Nelly and JaRule is cutie,fine and sexy too and Nelly to too . And Ashanti can you write me back and you cand can cell me we I get back home on friday this is my phone number(323)750-1443 and I live in Las Angeles CA her is my addgrass 3320 west 77 street LA,90043 but you have to call me to get to my houes and one moer thing when are you going to come to Las Vegas .

Only you | Reviewer: bopropanopdop1 | 6/27/2007

Omg ashanti rocks this song tg 4 gave me the best song only u by ashanti.....ppl dnt know how crazy talented she is....i sing it sooooo much i can't get it out of my head but thts not a bad thing

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Emilee | 5/9/2007

i think this song is GREAT! i listen to this song CONSTANTLY it reminds me of my boyfriend!!!!!

I love you J | Reviewer: jamie | 5/8/2007

omgsh this song is sooo fuckin tru!!!! this goes out 2 my babi J

Only you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/2007

love itttttttt she deserves more credit then she gets she soo talented!!

HOTT | Reviewer: anonymous | 4/15/2007

it has a mad beat as well as good lyrics :)
i love it :)

Only Youu | Reviewer: LaurenHazlett | 4/8/2007

I Think this song is Great x i love all her songs shes a good singer x

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