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Think | Reviewer: Lorie Brummett | 2/4/08

Think is such an awesome song! My daughters Elementary School has a varity show each year and this year our theme is MOTOWN!!! I want my 11 year to experience what MOTOWN is all about and girl Friend YOU ARE THE QUEEN! Hannah is going to sing THINK and we are gona make these people in our SMALL Community THINK! If you could plan a visit to Lake City TN (north of Knoxville) WE WOULD Turn this area Up side Down!
With Warmest Regards,
Lorie Brummett
Anderson County Schools
Business Office
865-463-2800 x2802

inspiration | Reviewer: mel | 2/3/08

hey ms.franklin it is so cool to know about the women that were before me. i am doing a project on you called "Distinguished Women". So I just read through this and i just want to let you know that i really appreciate you and thank you for showing classiness. you are a true inspiration and know that some day we will do a song together and we will tear the stage up.until then keep doin what you do.

Thank you | Reviewer: kendra | 12/6/07

hey ms franklin well im doin a project on u and im very happy its u im doin it on. uve done some great things and sang some great songs and bein a mother at 15 wow great accomplishment!

inspired and a very new voice | Reviewer: Shari Soto | 11/21/07

Your music has alway been an inspiration I grew up listening to you and all the female artist of that era. My mom would laugh at how quickly I would pick up the lyric and perform for her. Well Ms Franklin I just turned 45yrs young LOL and god has given me the unique opportunity to sing with a gentlemen by the name of Eddie Scott who sings motown. I never sang on stage professionally before and I have been doing it now for two months, Mr. Scott believes that I might be ready for a solo, I am still not convinced but I am willing to give it my best shot. The song I want to sing is yours, Killing Me Softly I hope I do it justice, everytime i go to sing I ask god to give me my voice. Ms. Franklin I hope I will do you Proud, thank you :)

inspired | Reviewer: Tamara | 10/4/07

Hi Miss franklin My name is Tamara Howard I'm
a songwriter and would like to write a song personally for you. I always wanted to meet you in person. I love all of your recordings and I love to hear you sing. If i can hear from you I'll send my demos too your agent. Tamara is
my name If you want to contact me you have my email adress. We must get together in reference to my songs. Aretha franklin I want to thank you for your music and your love. I'll never forget you as long as I live. I pray to god that he'll
let us meet.

hi | Reviewer: Alexis | 9/30/07

You are an inspreratoin with all your good deeds.Thats why I chose you as one of my top graded assignments.I attend Peeks chapel and you help me to be a great person!

With LOVE from NIGERIA | Reviewer: Okey Okoro | 9/27/07

Hi Aretha, If u ever read this I want you to know that I think great of you, I really do.
I read something over the net the other day that got me disturbed and that was that you are considering Halle Berry to play the role of you in your movie. I don't have anything against Ms. Berry but can she sing? Even if she can, does she look anything like you even in your younger days? The message I want to pass here is that a good life story movie for me is one that strikes closest to reality.
Permit me to tell you that way back when I watched the movie "Dream girls", I could not stop thinking of you each time Jennifer Hudson sings. Please let her play the role and I tell u, it will be a masterpiece.
I still respect your decision on this matter and I want you to know that Nieria loves you especially ME. Love, Okey

Meshia review | Reviewer: Demmisha | 9/13/07

Hi, my name is Demmisha L.Edison.I'm a 17 years old bout to be 18th september 29,2007 the lord will.I attend Collins High School for 4 years.I'm a intelligent student in school. I make good grades in high school. My goal is to pass all of my state tests and get all of my credits when time for graduation I wouldn't have anyrhing to worry about.After I finish high school I plan on going to college. I plan to go to Pearl River for 2years in my major is Cosmetologist.I'm very good as doin hair and that what i really like doing on my spare time.For my research that we are doing in my english class I'm doin it on you because something about you really catches my eye.I will back with you are you can get back with me because I wil let you know what I made on it.You can hit me back up on my e-mail r at my number. 601-517-1316 at anytime of the day are night.

Older Songs | Reviewer: Jackie | 6/13/07

I was born in the sixties and I grew up listening to Aretha Franklin and I can not find any lyrics of her older songs for example "For All We Know", "Mr. Ugly", "Laughing On the Outside", "Where Are You Tonight", etc. I loved those songs. Ms Franklin will always be my number one all time favorite. The reason I love to sing so much is because of her. No one comes close.

infuenced by you! | Reviewer: Arielle Woodard | 6/11/07

Hello Ms.Franklin,my name is Arielle Iam 14yrs.old. My mother and I love you, and your singing.We listen to you, more than any other artist.So much so, that I can sound like you when I sing.I sang on Appollo and Starsearch and at the choir at my church,Sharon Baptist in Philly.I pray that I can meet you so you can hear me sing for you, anyone of your songs from Gospel to R&B.I have them memorized.I hope I can attend your affair on June,29th.2007 at the Palace Theatre in Albany,NY. Maybe I can sing with you on stage(ha-ha)ItP would be so exciting to protray you in a biography.thank you for your time.God Bless You and Your Family.Please pray for me that we meet one day too.I Love You!

Insperation | Reviewer: Patricia Scotland | 5/15/07

Hello Ms Franklin,

You have been my idol since the 60, I have practicully every Album you have ever made! when I hear you songs on the radio I can sing them word for word.

I live in London England, and my dream is to meet you in person - as I know that you will not fly to London I will have to come to you- please,please could you let me know when you you have a show in New York or Atlanta.
There is so much to say, in little time, please write me back, you are my insperation, on my desk at work I have you picture.

Take care and I look forward to a reply,



Inspired | Reviewer: Ella Rudd | 4/16/07

I would like to meet Ms. Franklin personally. I know Ms. Franklin is very busy, but i would like to meet her personally. We may not have nothing in common, but i would like to meet her and talk to her myself. You may contact me at the following address.
301 Indian Mound Road
Clinton, MS 39056

My Inspiration | Reviewer: anita y potts | 2/23/06

I would like Aretha to know we have this in common;
I love to sing which I do in the church. I was also born on march 25, 1953. Right now I'm trying to sing her song "Never Grow Old" when she sung it with James Cleveland. Please if possible I would like her to email me when time permits. I know she's a very busy lady, however, if I don't ask how will I know whether or not she will contact me. I would love to sing a song with her.
A Sister in Christ,
Anita Y. Potts
5941 Jackson
PO Box 300356
Kansas city, mo. 64130
816 361-0595

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