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My second cousin I never had the pleasure to know | Reviewer: Felicia Hudson | 3/1/14

I was eleven years old when I heard one of your songs played on the radio, and my mom Leah H. said "that's my cousin!" I now have a son that is mirroring the talents in our family and says Mom, music is my life! Jennifer Hudson is also a relative on my father side so how bizarre is this? Fate or destiny is on our side, and I'm sooo proud of you!

Inspiration | Reviewer: Kyra Franklin | 8/1/13

Not only do we share a last name, but we share a passion for music, that carries us through the rough patches of life. Your voice is beautiful, you are beautiful, and you will always be one of my favorite musicians. My grandmother, Helen Franklin, has also told me that we could possibly be related. I'm coquasian, but I do have African American blood, which makes me all the more excited to find that we could very possibly be related. I'm 14 years old, and yet, you still remain my strongest inspiration.

Southern Voice | Reviewer: anonomys | 5/9/13

Hello, i ma big fan of yours and im doing a biography on you and im wondering were did you first work? thanks, a fan of yours!

Happy birthday EMPRESS OF SOUL | Reviewer: Mandingo from Jamaica | 3/25/13

Ever since I heard your first song in the 60's Aretha I have loved your singing and I have also loved your beautiful looks.My birthday was 18 March .Ken Boothe my friend and one of Jamaica's greatest singers was born 25 March 1948.Lady Soul you are my favourite Lady Soul singer.All others come after you.Have a good day and may the Creator bless and keep you in good health and wealth and all other good things,including your spiritual well-being.Love to your immediate family.I LOVE YOU.RESPECT ! ! !

Aretha Franklin | Reviewer: Shayla | 2/12/13

Dear Mrs.Franklin:
My name is Shayla and I'm doing an research ( black history ) about you and I'm sorry for you loss. I'm getting to know a lot about you and my friend La'Rhonda Franklin said her mother have and album of yours and I'm just going to sit back and just listen. She says its really good. Well thats all I had to say.

Related? | Reviewer: Stephen Franklin | 8/2/12

Hi, by the way, I have always enjoyed your music. I just finished the family tree and found that you are a relative and was wondering where the white that I am came from in the family unless it is in err. I am white and 60 yrs. old. Please comment.

Love Your Music | Reviewer: Sandra Bruce | 4/8/12

Hi Aretha! It is a pleasure and an honor to send this little note to you. I have listened to your music for many years. You have an awesome talent that has brought joy to my life. When I hear your music it makes me go through so many emotions. Every song reminds me of a moment in my life. Some were good and some were sad. Nevertheless I wouldn't change those moments in my life ever. I thank you for your legendary music. It got me through many a moments.

Sandra Bruce
Chicago, Illinois

Hello! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/12

Hi Ms. Aretha,
My name is Natalia and I love your voice. I am 12 years old and I am also a singer. I absolutely love your voice. You are my hero. I loved you in Blues Brothers singing Think!

your love | Reviewer: jacqi | 2/9/12

dear ms franklin, i love your music,u make me cry!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! god be with u R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Down thorugh the years | Reviewer: Lavern | 11/26/11

Ms. Franklin I have truly enjoyed your music from 1967 to the present day. The Last time I saw you in person was in Detroit, MI at your sisters funeral. I use to work with Brenda Corbit. I believe she is your cousin with that beautiful voice in the background. A voice life your Ms. Frankin only come once in a 100 years. You have made history. I look forward to seeing your lifestory on film. Love always a turn fan.

secrets behind good singing | Reviewer: idowu fredrick orogbemi | 4/26/11

I am interested in knowin d fundamental and secrets of good singing.actually, I'm just comin up in d world of contemporary songs and 2 know basic ideas needed to be put in place as a beginner.I will be very grateful if u can help me and contribute immesely 2 my music world.Thanks so much; and God bless.

letter | Reviewer: rev bob ritter | 2/13/11

miss franklin, i enjoy your music very much. hope your feeling better from your recent hospital stay. our prayers are with you. would like an autographed picture of youself. god bless you. please send to rev. and mrs. bob ritter, po box 936, 1603 mitchell dr., rochester, indiana 46975. again our prat\yers are with you.

The lady | Reviewer: Beth Morais | 11/14/10

'till you come back to me, that's what I'm gonna do, natural woman - I wish everyday to see a live presentation of this complete artist. My day will be full of happiness when this day comes. What a blessed day and what a incredible lady.

One Aretha | Reviewer: nobela harris | 7/17/10

l have always loved your vioce no matter what song am listening to be it soul or gosple l just got your dvd aretha in performance in paris l think was recorded in the 60s l just couldn,t the amount of atistic power with which you delivered all your songs and still does today l think there should be more of you in performance for the young generation to learn l will end my saying please put more of your work out there be it gosple, soul DVD for us to to enrich our soul and spirit. There is and will only be ONE Aretha

Aretha Franklin at the Seminole Hardrock Hollywood , Florida | Reviewer: Cora | 3/21/10

Aretha, I had never seen you in person. I saw you March 16, at the Seminole Hardrock in Hollywood, Florida. When you walked on stage , there was so much love for you. I was in awe, I had a seat in the 7th row. I love you, I have your music and enjoy listening to your beautiful voice. Please keep on singing, good gave you the best gift ever. I admire you, you are definitely the Queen of soul and I think you are simply the best!!! God Bless you and your family. Love Cora

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