RE huh? | Reviewer: pato | 12/7/11

it might not be about his mom, maybe about a girlfriend? "Remember cuddles in the kitchen
Yeah, to get things off the ground " and then when he sais "but it's right hard to remember on a day like to day" Its like everything was ok, but now it isn't and that makes him rember the good past times and the Mardy Bum, well that's pretty easy to understand

Mardy | Reviewer: Callie | 10/3/08

Mardy just means someone is being argumentative for no good reason. Like when you gf wants you to STOP playing pro evolution!!!

But yeah love this song, its nice being able to sing along in my proper accent =D

Learn to listen? you first! | Reviewer: Liam | 8/13/08

Andrew is right! the last line (from the album "Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not") IS....

"Oh But It's Right Hard To Remember That On A Day Like Today, When You're All Argumentative and You've Got The Face On"
("Right" Is said/sung in a Yorkshire accent sounding like "reght" also linked to the slang "Reet" meaning right, ok or fine.)

looks like someone needs help learning to tell people how to learn to listen, Hypocrites aren't the best teachers you know!

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/08

ok this song is great...
I just love it,the lyrics are great also and Alex is a great songwriter...
A Certain Romance---------another great song from that album
I love Arctic Monkeys...I hope they last a long time...

Learn to listen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/08

the guy that said the lyrics in the end are not "right, hard to remember that..." is retarded you should listen to the song theres no "but" but it is "right" not "Oh" get a hearing aid before criticizing others work!

deee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/08

this song is beautiful ... Just like the rest of the monkey songs. Alex turner's voice is brilliant and all they're songs are amazing.

huh? | Reviewer: john | 12/3/07

i always thought that mardy bum was english slang for mum. like porky pies is lies, that sort of thing.

and it would make sense that this song is about his mum because if you look at the sequencing of the album from the start, he's going to go out to the pub, then he goes out, then he comes home and his mum's awake and has a go at him for being home late and drunk.

or maybe not? that's always how i understood this song anyway...

love it | Reviewer: nickie | 11/30/07

i love this partner always sings it to me if i'm in a mood with him. which at first used to really annoy me but after listening to the lyrics i understood the meaning of the song more and now when he sings it to me it always makes me laugh and breaks my bad mood.

great! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/07

I LIKE THE WAY he sings those sentences,
"Well now then Mardy Bum
Oh I'm in trouble again, aren't I
I thought as much
Cause you turned over there
Pulling that silent disappointment face"
he is in trouble indeed but the voice is still so warm~ i was impressed by how the difficulties in a relationship can be sweet in this song!

Well, now | Reviewer: The Spy | 11/11/07

brillant song, brillant lyrics. ALEX TURNER has a gorgeous, intriguing voice and the Arctic Monkeys will surely last a long time.
All of their music is phenomenal.

Great + More | Reviewer: Chloe | 8/18/07

The Song And The Lyrics Are Great.
We Call Our Older Sister Mardy Bum
And Sing It To Her, She Gets Really Angry

Damn. | Reviewer: Ricardo | 7/20/07

They are quite good lyrics, particularly for anyone who's ever gone the rounds with a depressive. One caveat: "Oh I'm in trouble again, aren't I?" I was certain was "... How on time," as in, yup, I could set my watch by these mood swings, couldn't I? Works either way, but I still prefer my misunderstanding. All hail poor hearing.

Real Definition of Mardy um | Reviewer: Andrew | 7/17/07

Take it from a Yorkshireman, mardy is like between depressed and grumpy. Mardy bum is someone is mardy constantly for no reason and doesn't have a laugh with people, instead takes everything personal and argues and yells and doesn't like talking to people. I'd think you'd get that from the lyrics.
"So laugh and joke around" "When you're all argumentative and you've got the face on" "Pulling that silent disappointment face" etc.

Also, most mardy bums can be alright sometimes, but they get mardy easily and it's best not to talk to them about what happened cos they'll just feel worse. I can be a mardy bum sometimes. Hehe.

Oh and one more thing, the last part is not "Still, but it's right hard to remember" it's "Oh, but it's right hard to remember" listen to the song.

Agree with Beks | Reviewer: Annie | 7/2/07

Um, yeah...I also believe that if Alex Turner was indeed the one who did write the lyrics to this song above, he wouldn't type with such apalling grammatical errors! Sheesh. And thanks for explaining what a "Mardy Bum" is; I guess it's just one of those English expressions us Americans don't hear very much! This song is absolutely stunning; I really, really hope the Monkeys come to tour in the US sometime!

What a loser. | Reviewer: Beks | 6/21/07

Obviously the person who wrote the last comment is not "Alex from the Arctic Monkeys" because if he was, he'd know that the word "mardy" is a dialectical word for "moody" and the expression "mardy bum" just means someone that throws big tantrums!

Also, why would he be checking his own lyrics on a website?