Blame it on a bootleg album | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/11

Incase you don't know. This is what happened:
In 1998, everyone was wondering why Aqua was taking too long to release a second album. So, some unknown people created a bootleg Aqua album with fake photos of the Aqua members on the cover. "Tarzan And Jane" was one of the songs on this bootleg album. That is why many people miscredit this song to Aqua.

tarzan and jane | Reviewer: caitlin | 8/4/07

i hate toy box...just to let everyone know that i think that aqua is so much better...and there "version" of the song is a lot better then tox yeah that is my outlook on that and aqua should have never split....GO AQUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

um no. | Reviewer: megan | 6/11/07

TOYBOX are the real singers of this song. It just sounds like aqua but its not.. TOYBOX is ten times bettterrrr. AND it isn't "could you, could you, kiss me tenderly" its "oochie coochie kiss me tenderly". yes they are made up words. whateverr TOYBOX deserves all credit for this.

MISTAKE!!!! | Reviewer: kellyann | 5/17/07

Tarzan and Jane is performed by the band Toy- Box, NOT by Aqua

AWSUM | Reviewer: sophee jones | 8/19/06

this song is soo cool lk... its a gr8 song 2 listen 2!!!!!! xxx