My Fav song | Reviewer: Jake C | 2/24/10

"Back from Mars" is not so much a song, but a mission statement.

On the surface, track 8 off the Aquarius album sounds like one's longing
for out of space travel to a land of glitter and glitz where everything is
happy and pleasant. The lyric, "All the people that I'm meeting, are so
friendly and perceiving" justifies this. The narrator has come back from
this place and wants to go back. Similar to going on vacation...when one
returns home, there is an immediate longing to go back. That is, to
continue to experience those feelings that can't be understood on our
planet. It is about longing and the human condition.

However, upon further listens, one begins to understand that this make
believe world is superficial. Instead of praising this glamourous place,
the narrator is being sarcastic. "This is oh so just fantastic, I will
live my life in plastic. Check the hair, and see what I wear." The
narrator has been swept up in this imaginary place, and doesn't like it.
It's a critique on Hollywood. We praise our movie and pop stars and put
them on this plateau. So-much-so that it is almost like they are on a
different planet then we are. "And Elvis has said, that I could be just
like they are." There is clearly no logic to this place, but everything on
the surface looks we go along with it. It is a cautionary tale
about how this lifestyle can be perceived as outstanding, but when one
becomes part of this lifestyle, we see how shallow it actually is.

I personally feel the song is deeper than that. "Back from Mars" is not
about Hollywood. It's about ourselves. It's about epiphanies and
resolutions. 'Mars' is not is our day-to-day lives. The
glamour and glitz is our daily agendas. We often go on 'autopilot' with
our daily routines, until one day, we realize how silly it. Upon the this
realization, we make an effort to go back to become grounded, to return to
our roots, to come "Back from Mars".

This is what a good song should sound like