Reviews for Path Vol. II (featuring Sandra Nasic from Guano Apes) Lyrics

Performed by Apocalyptica

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Still denying | Reviewer: Grainne | 8/9/12

I love apocalyptica's instrumentals so it took me a while to get used to the vocals- and this song has pretty damn epic ones. It's the chorus I love the most, powerful voice, powerful lyrics, powerful backing. Great song!!

ASTOUNDING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/11

This is some of the coolest shit I've heard from these guys. To take nothing from Apocalyptica, Sandra SO TOTALLY makes this song!!! She has the most powerful chick voice out there and she's STUPID SMOKIN! I could wake up every morning to "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYIN'" coming from that hot little package.
I heard this live with Sandra and a full set of drums and was blown away! The drums were huge. The full instrumental with the aux. percussion and w/o Sandra...luke warm at best.

alyssa can suck it! | Reviewer: esme | 2/24/11

You obviously don't understand good music if u think this shit. Sandra's not a pop singer, she sings rock and she has a great voice for rock. Why don't you go back to your taylor swift who sings "pretty" and who's lyrics make sense to you.

Shit song by them | Reviewer: Alyssa | 10/10/10

I was really disappointed when I first heard this song.

I love Apocalyptica, but the voice...the lyrics, what can I say? It's all just shit. It's boring and it never really escalates into anything. What could after such a pitiful entry?

amazing | Reviewer: me | 11/17/07

This is also one of my favourite songs.A really good colaberation in my opinion. The music and vocals fit together perfectly. Its overall a great song. And agreed both Amy Lee and Sandra Nasic have great voices.

Please Read | Reviewer: Michael | 5/23/07

I really love this song. My overall favorite! I would really like to hear a song from Sandra Nasic and Amy Lee from Evanescence, because I find them to be the most talented singers ever. Please take into consideration.

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