A Mistake I Found | Reviewer: Al 2 Dope | 7/26/2007

where it says "I'm only saying you gang related too, bitch" its actually I'm Only Tryin to say your gang related too bitch" serious listen to the song u peeps could agree with me. whoever wrote these lyrics fucked up i guess a few times seeins how i saw sum1 found a mistake earlier but yea MMFR(REAL)CLOWN LOVE ABK AND MMFRCL TO ALL JUGGALOS AND JUGGALETTES AND ALL OF MY JUGGALO FAMILY !!!!!!


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nice but one mistake | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/2007

in the part "if i see you with a hatchet man" it is really "are you with the hatchetman (yea) You in a gang, and your ass better be ready to do that thang"

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