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ANTI-FLAG ROCKSSSSS | Reviewer: julia | 3/26/2007

i love anti-flag im a new fan so i havent listened to much of their old stuff but im gonna save my money and buy there old cds so i can see what else they are like buuuttt... I LOVE THEM!! i mean im anti-war 150% and i think george bush is a dick wad. i love their music and i love their sound i love the guys (also chris#2 is a taurus and so am i XD, my b-day is may 12) woo hoo! also im doing a project on them thats how i found this site!!

i love anti-flag | Reviewer: Jessica | 3/19/2007

anti-flag is my favourite band
and always will be
they are flippin' amazing
my friend julie who was killed
in a car accident loved them
and after she died i started listning to them
to check them out and see if they were any good
they were amazing
i also saw them live with
billy talent rise againt and moneen
i want to see them live again lol

The terror state:an album review | Reviewer: Anneliese Narcisi | 4/13/2005

I've always loved Anti-Flag and this album is no exception.They matured their sound but still used the distorted guitar and shaky vocals I love.They've stood behind their beliefs and have deep ethics that most of their fans can realate to.Even if you don't like hardcore punk you'll probably sill like this album.It sounds like a modern version of the clash,with a hint of the casualties.the songs are about the lack of vision and individualty in modern society,and how the US government absense hope and compassion.The stand point of isolationism is not only obscure but almost moronic to them and its something all the cute little anarchists and communists can listen to while they are swinging their arms and shaking their spikey little heads.Its not a step up from their last album but its by no means a step down.Its a great album so shell out the twelve bucks to go pick it up.Or use your handy little five finger discount,eighther way just pick the album up.

anti flag conqueres. | Reviewer: whitney | 9/30/2004

for the past 5 years, ive been a huge fan of anti flag. what else can you say theyre true at the source.. no shifty changes, just pure punk rock. solid.ive been playing guitar for 2 1\2 years and all i can seem to play is anti flag. theyre great. just want every one to know that its not about how "rebellious" you think you can be.dont ruin the scene come together, fight against gree and close minded individuals. and anti flag takes it all the way to the meaning.

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