i have noticed... | Reviewer: truth seeker | 2/17/13

catholics are utterly stupid. think about this- Catholics believe you need an intermediary (someone to talk to God for you) to confess your sins. (confession). Any TRUE religion would allow you to speak and pray and ask forgiveness Directly to God. Not to mention the fact that they believe you can "buy" your loved ones into heaven...SORRY!! you cant buy anyone into heaven. its such a scam seriously. Catholicism is DEEPLY flawed. They are all going to hell. No man is holier than another.* I HATE how people revere that old man fart of a pope.. *people seriously..he's just a man... a man that looks the other way to child molestation but has a cult like following. Anything catholic makes me shudder and anyone that thinks the pope is any different than the rest of us is just kidding themselves

I agree... | Reviewer: Robert Willis | 2/11/13

Good riddance to the "pope" as he calls himself--- no one can dictate how people should live or their values in 2013. Fuck you, self proclaimed holy dude! Go back to the 14th century! RW

fuck the pope | Reviewer: no | 9/16/10

"Scotland's Catholic population has fallen by 18% since 1982; baptisms are down 39%; and the number of people marrying in Catholic churches has plunged by 63%." copied and pasted from the BBC news 16th Sept 2010.

It's heartening to see people people are voting with their feet.
I was reared a catholic then spent the next four decades years trying to sort my heart & head out after all the terrible abuse I suffered throughout my childhood, at the hands of beasts, masquerading as christians.
The real numbers of abused will never be known because many of them died taking their torture to the grave with them, but I will wager the figures run to hundreds of thousands world-wide.
Nearly a third of a million people at Bellahouston in 1982 - 65,000 in 2010 - oh, and by the way, they're charging a score (£20) for the privilege of seeing this old bastard.

Fuck homophobes, paedophiles, bigots and the Pope | Reviewer: S. | 4/23/10

It's morally corrupt people like Sandy who give humanity a bad name, the Christians Christ would cast out the Pope along with all the other homophobes and the bigots. The Pope contradicts the teachings of Christ and the Bible. Fuck him and all the other intolerant and hateful people that make our world a worse place day to day.

Pope? Nope! Go to jail! | Reviewer: voytek | 4/11/09

Pope should be in jail for letting his employees (bishops and priests) to penetrate little boys asses and then when everybody learned about it ... nothing happen to old fart. This is the power of religion - you can screw little kids - but if you preach some garbage like: virgin mary or condoms help spreading aids (like he did in africa again)- you are safe! I hope this evil old man dressed like a lady will die soon. And the same with his church which destroyed ancient civilisations and now is poisoning new generations. Down with the fart! Pope? Nope!

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/09

That lady that crticized the song amazed me. It hurts me to hear that people still beleive that catholics or any other organized religion, is not the root of evil. Its a tool used to torture minds with lies, fear, and the idea that you and youre children will Never be good enough, but god forgives you for that. Oh, n all your friends are going to hell for believing in a slight alteration in their faith.

cool tunes (TRUTH) | Reviewer: eric | 10/10/08

FFS this is so true about the catholic religion,kiddie fiddlers & beasts, from top to bottom and YES ffs kill this lying religion OFF,after all remember the pope,leo x,who said "It has served us well,this myth of Christ" ffs the cunts don't even believe.
NUKE THEM BASTARDS.oh and bollocks to the socialist scotds guy above,nuke commies too

Crazy | Reviewer: Sandy | 2/18/08

as well as all the stuff about Fucking the Pope and the Queen.
Your anti religion speaks of a deeper need inside yourself. People whi sing with such bitterness are crazy and lack respect.
Yes - It is wrong to screw alter boys
Yes - It is wrong to be gay (But someone doesn't realize this .... ref

"Treating gays like some sickness,
You're so fucking diseased!"

You are the one diseased if you think this is normal or even acceptable!!!!

If the catholics got anything right - they are right about homosexuality.

I am a protestant, some of my best friends are catholics, I will never agree with their doctrines or theology...but they are #1 my friends and #2 this song is one that creates stupidty and hatred.

I am however pleased that freedom of speech still exixts !

FTP | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/08

When I was young I had no sense, I bought a flute for ninety pence. The tune I learned to play was -fuck the pope and the IRA!!!

OAFC follow follow

Fuck the what? | Reviewer: Frank McGeachy | 9/22/07

I was brought up a Catholic and view this little ditty as right on the money. I should mention that I now a good Scottish atheist. In my way of thinking proddies and micks are irrelevant and an impediment to advancement. This is a good song but with the change in a few words, it could attack Rev Paisley as much it attacks Popery. Maybe that’s a commercial strength. It coulod be sung at Parkhead as well as Ibrox.
Let’s put all this religious shit behind us and get on with building a nation that challenges the world instead of fucking each other to no effect. After living in North America for about years I know that Scots are special people. They stood up to the imperialism of the Pope over four hundred years ago. But that threat was replaced with local machinations and control freaks.
Renew the Scottish Enlightenment of the seventeenth and eighteen hundreds and we can make the Scottish nation – minus all the bigotry shit – the world leader it was destined to be.

Rich Woods | Reviewer: Pecker-Wood | 7/27/07

It's bad people... Catholic genocide man... First the Druids (Pagans) then the Jews (Cabbalists) and now the Musslems. I just walked on a 6 count capital murder trial in Franklin county, Mo. shooting it out with these pricks, the red & white, the Hells Angels, the Mafia, the Pope... They are on the fresh water shed of north america... This shit is real and nobody gives a fuck...2/3rds of the worlds fresh water supply is right beneath the vaticans north american child molester haven/retreat, Dittmer, Mo. also the meth capitol of the world.... This shit is deep and somebody needs to do something!!!

the truth! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/07

fking awesome lyrics... so true!
does anyone know where I can get the song? I'd love to listen to it!