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Performed by Annie Lennox

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magnificient | Reviewer: Adam | 4/23/07

truly magnificient, really touched me. Im a big Tolkien fanatic so that helps too. Although even were this not based on Tolkien the song is great. magical lyrics too!

RADICAL | Reviewer: jelena | 4/19/07

i like this song a lot, it makes me very sad and it hard not to be sad whiole listening to it, its one of those sad songs but in a good way, and whenever i listen to it i cant help but picture frodo, gandalf, legolas, and everybody else that left for the undying lands...and yeah....its just an amazing voice and annie lenox is AMAZING, especaillly because the lyrics and the music fit perfectly and the song also unveils a lot of emotions even some you might not have

Grief | Reviewer: Joey | 4/14/07

Played this song at my fathers funeral..
Still makes me cry..

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/07

This song is simply Beautiful. This is my solo for the Senior Concert. I can't wwait to do homage to Annie Lennox for bringing such a moving song to life.

really sad | Reviewer: kate | 4/5/07

i love this song and i cry EVERY time i hear it im not sure why but i think it's coz im totally obsessed with lotr and it makes me sad to think that frodo was leaving sam..:(

amazing! | Reviewer: Keelin | 4/3/07

annie lennox is an amazing singer with an amazing voice, and this song is so touching..i cry almost everytime i hear it yet, i can't stop listening to it because of its beauty, and as one of the people said above, it brings a lot of emotions out, and makes me think of the person i love, and gets me closer to them.

------ About the song Into The West performed by Annie Lennox | Reviewer: Tim | 3/18/07

This was actualy inspired by a young New Zealand film maker by the name of cameron duncan who during his midd to late teens had cancer

Love it ! | Reviewer: Anders | 3/13/07

Very very great song, the lyrics just blows you away. It both covers the Lord of the ring theme very well, with Frodo being at the end of his journy, and now he can rest and sail west to the eternal lands of the elves.
And it does deal with the fear of death, which I think it does very well. Got me thinking of my grandmother dieing.

read the books; fell asleep during the movie(s) | Reviewer: Halifax-dan | 3/5/07

I heard this song at a (young) friend's funeral; I started sobbing and could not understand why ... I later read the lyrics here and I understand now ... beautiful song ... touching lyrics ... Annie Lennox's voice is "sans pareil" ...

Molly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/07

It's SO beautiful! I love it. It never fails to calm me down.
Π_Π I agree with Lisette-- my eyes water when I listen to it!!!

Annie Lennox is so very talented, and I love her songs! Shs's a [musical] genius!!

Beutiful | Reviewer: Julia | 2/20/07

I heard this song on the end credits of LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING and I fell in love with this song I printed out these lyrics and sang this song for the talent show and won! This song is beutiful and I love sharing it with my friends.

Haunting Beauty | Reviewer: Chelsea | 2/9/07

I lost my Grandmother last August. Listening to this song makes me cry. I love how Annie sings it. Her voice, and the lyrics of the song itself, have helped me understand that people come and go, but someone's legacy will last forever. Besides this, I loe the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the movies and the books. But people need to read "The Hobbit" before the read the trilogy because "The Hobbit" is what sets the stage for the trilogy. Amazing through and through.

lotr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/06

this song makes me cry all the time and yet i still listen to it over and over again. im abosessed with lotr..haha but this is a very wonderful and i too picture Frodo, Gandalf, Bilbo and the elves leaving. its sad but what can you do.

Moving | Reviewer: Isil | 5/23/06

This song moves me very deeply every time I listen to it. I almost get so choked by crying that I barely kan keep on singing. My voice won't take it.. The most beautiful Lotr song.. Great Lyrics! I can picture Frodo leaving from the grey heavens, the song catches the sadness of that very moment and amplify it.. love the song.. and the movie.. (of course!)

Annies song | Reviewer: debbie | 4/23/06

My mom passed away last June. This movie came on one night while I was sleeping. The song "Into the West" was playing at the end and the haunting beauty of it woke me up and took me right to my mothers death bed. I didn't know why it brought to mind my moms passing because I hadn't listened to the words, but later when I looked up the lyrics I understood. I understood how universal grief is. I don't know if Annie wrote the words or not, but whoever did obviously has experienced the loss of someone very precious.

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