USA- 45 single release. Year 1970. Snowbird | Reviewer: Kendrick | 8/12/14

I always here about "Thirsty Boots", being on the flip side, or if you will, the B side of Anne Murray's infamous "Snowbird." This May have been indeed the case in Canada and other countries. But In the US, the flip Single was "Just Bidin' my time", that of which Capitol Records of Los Angeles from what I have always read, was the chosen as the USA release, not "Snowbird". Supposedly there was a mislabeling and confusion at Capitol Records in the US. Supposedly, "Snowbird" was accidently featured as the main release recording.

The second version I hear is that a few DJs across the USA played the flip side, "Snowbird", (highly unlikely), and the US went crazy. Either way, Anne Murray's single swiped up a US gold single for Canada's, first female singer.

God sure has blessed you!!!you are my favorite altime singer..your voice is so soothing and beautiful...PEGGY JEAN Selman, Asheboro, NC | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/14


I really enjoy all your songs. | Reviewer: Pam Webber | 1/6/14

I particularly enjoy all of them when I feel sad, depressed. All your songs bring me peace, relax me, and I love all of them. Where do you still perform? I would really like to see you. I have always loved your music and Barry Manillow.
In April of 2010, I took my 2 married daughters to Vegas for 4 nights, and bought the best seats in the house.

Grow up with your voices | Reviewer: Sunny Lai | 10/5/13

I always listen to your Songs played by my sisters through those cassette. Your voice is beautiful but at that time I do not know your name until I grew up. Even our radio stations always broadcast your songs now. You songs really uphold me when felt depressed & struggles. I believed many has been blessed by you too. Even due to your age, you are still beautiful. We are happy to have you in this world with us. May God bless you forever, the world blessed by you.
(Maybe you may consider come to Malaysia for concert, you have many Fans around the world).
Sunny Lai ( Malaysia)

Friends & Legends | Reviewer: Laurier Couturier, Dawson Creek BC | 5/12/12

I recently enjoyed your Tv Show with some of your friends, some of whom are great legends. I inly wish you could perfrom the entire number with them, from start to finish. It seems to me both you and your guest would fulfill our wishes better that way.

Greatest music for all ages | Reviewer: Alan and Muriel Desrosiers | 4/11/12

Hi Anne my husband and I have loved your music and especially your song Can I Have this Dance it was played at our wedding 38 years ago. We still listen to it today because it brings back such great memories for us. We have all of your records and enjoy listening to them whenever we get a chance. Thank You

A Soulful Singer - Anne Murray | Reviewer: Ritta Aziz | 5/19/11

First I would like to say...MAY YOU BE TRULY BLESSED LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN BLESSED BEFORE. Anne, you are one of my very few favourite singers I have ever heard. I just dont know how to really explain myself about you, and how much your songs inspire me, your voice, your message. I remember some years back I had received a letter plus signed photo of you because I had written to you aaand I remember how eager I was to have been waiting your did reply with your signature on your photo for me...I still have it ... its over ten years now. I am a Tanzanian and Tanzania is in East Africa...I just love you. You are a gifted woman Anne Praise Jesus for that...You sing like Gosh! I mean I am a gospel singer at our choir andI sing solo and, you know what, I try to imitate your way of singing, I sing Alto, thats my voice...I am si inspired with your songs...God Bless you sooo much is the greatest I can say. I am just hoping one day, I will get a chance to meet you in person...dont know when that will be. Celine Dion is another fav of mine and you are both from Canada. I schooled in Ottawa back in 1976 at a High School called Nepean...My dad wad in the Embassy...Thats when I began hearing your song and loving them alot. Todate, you are my fav and will always be...Here in Tanzania I cannot purchase any collection of your songs...I really wish I could have all collections there is...You cant get them here unfortumately...Some of my fav songs inclued: ''You needed me'' ...''Whispering Hope''...So nice to have this chance to write about you Anne...I could go on and on...You are the Best...Stay Blessed ALWAYS....Ritta Aziz from Tanzania

Fan from another mining town | Reviewer: John Clifford (J.C.) Clark | 5/18/11

Dear Anne,
I remember enjoying your music as far back as the
"Singalong Jubilee" days. (Having grown up in
Stellarton in the 50's where the movie theatre was the "Jubilee" may have drawn me to the TV
show.) I remember first seeing you in person in
Winnipeg around 1971. However, after all these years, I have never met you and now at the age of 65 (soon to be 66), Number 1 on my bucket list is to meet you and chat about (among other things,)
our mining towns and growing up in the 50's. If,
at some time you are around around home in Spring-
hill or in Pugwash or around Pictou County and
have a bit of time on your hands, I would dearly love to meet you.

A life-long fan from Stellarton
J.C. Clark

Re Anne Murray and Friends | Reviewer: sandy | 12/28/10

Each year since it was made, Anne Murray and
Friends is shown at least twice on CBC - and It's become my favourite "Special". I think I've also worn the Duets CD out. Your beautifully rich voice resonates through the decades to touch us all. Thank you. Sandy

A Special Performer | Reviewer: M. Fiorentino | 6/17/10

I have seen many of your performances around New York State and have enjoyed each one More than anyone else that I have seen.You are an inspiration to all! I hope you will be around again soon for another performance.

l loved your Singing In The Garden | Reviewer: James Coker | 6/1/10

When I sang with you I had tears in my eyes because Jesus is so real to me. He instantly set me free from drugs;alcohol;fear in 1982.He also filled me with the Holy Spirit & ever since then I have cast out demons & healed the sick in Jesus Name as the Bible says. Acts 2 & many other passages tells us to do this. GOD BLESS You Anne!

In recognition to your contribution to music | Reviewer: vivek pradhan | 4/25/10

Dear Anne,

If there has been any singer who can touch THE Chord in a Human Soul, it could be you.

I am on the otherside of the world and a couple of decades junior than your generation, but your voice and your kind of music could hold peoples lives and thought in awe for many generation after me.

I wish you all the happiness that you have been able engender in lives such as mine round the world.

Congratulations | Reviewer: mabel | 1/16/10

Your career has been just amazing!
I have followed it from the beginning and always been a big fan.
Sing-A-Long Jubillee, Massey Hall, TV Specials, albums, Concert in CornerBrook, et, etc,
When my sister sent me your book and DVD as a gift for Christmas I was
thrilled. I read the book from cover to cover on New Years Eve.
It was so interesting that I read many excerpts to my husband, we appreciate that you endured some very difficult times but stayed strong.
Now I have passed it to my friend to read with the promise she return it.
You are a great lady, enjoy your retirement with your family and friends.
Thankyou for your music that is so comforting and inspiring.
Best wishes,
Lark Harbour, NL

(PS I was born in Richmond Hill, worked at Kodak Canada when you played Massey Hall.)

a special 65th birthday golf game | Reviewer: peter Hopkins | 1/7/10

HI Anne. My wife is turning 65 this year. She adores you and your music. She is always giving to others so I want to give her something special for her 65th-a golf game with you.We have beautiful courses in and around Parry Sound Ontario and a wonderful Stockey performing centre. Her birthday is Mar 17. If it is at all possible to have a game with her it would be fantastic. We would even travel for such an opportunity. Hope to hear from you soon. Continued success in all that you do. Thank you Peter Hopkins, former Assoc. Provost Student Affairs, UWaterloo.

Rooted in reality, and true to her roots! | Reviewer: R. Mark Desjardins | 11/9/09

Love or hate Anne Murray, you have to recognize the fact that she greatly boosted the visibility of Canadian performing artists. In her prime her voice was sublime, and hopefully she will reconsider her plan to retire from performing. Over the years I have watched her performing on television with diverse acts such as the the R&B group the Spinners, k.d. lang, etc and hoped she would tackle funkier, more soulful material, as she has the vocal chops. I still think she has it in her. True to her roots and rooted in reality, she is truly an original!