I fucking love Ava. | Reviewer: Sarraawwrrah.. | 11/12/07

I fucking love Tom DeLonge! And he loves us all! - Tom "I love my fans, and I promise I will not let you down, the music that we all grew to charish that was made, not only will continue, but it will be much, much better..." Whatever he does i will always love him.. xxxx

:) | Reviewer: sammy | 10/2/07

ava...woot...very excellent ban and is making an impact on peoples lives...(they have on mine anyway). People have there opinions on whether or not boxcar racer or blink is better or worse than ava.
I give them equal credit.

Blink all the way | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/07

Blink 182 is what made this world turn! I grew up on that stuff and it was always my #1. Angels and Airwaves have nothing on Blink.

love | Reviewer: Danielle | 9/7/07

i've always loved blink 182. they will always be my number no matter what. but i will say that angels and airwaves is something completely different, and in a good way. i love everything about the music and how it makes me feel and how it effects me emotionally. but blink is what makes me live.

hmmmmm? | Reviewer: drake | 9/5/07

well i love ava and all their music, especialy secret crowds off i-empire. which will come out oct 26 i think, but tom is just to aregant. i mean his music is good but he is turning the band into a one person band. he kicked ryan out and is too much caught up in his own ego. i know the music is as good as he is saying it is. he just needs to include his band more and stop trying to act like he is better than +44.

Sky | Reviewer: G.S. | 8/24/07

Angels And Airwaves is really different. All song like bring me to sky. I hope they can make a great song again for the next album. the "touching heart" song

Not that great | Reviewer: ETJ | 5/17/07

AVA are not a patch on Blink 182. The music may have more 'meaning' but thats only on the surface. There's none of the passion that was so alive in Blink 182 and thesimple lyrics do nothing but emphasise Tom Delonge's inability to sing in tune. What he was on about I do not know but there have been many better bands in the last 20 years, he is arrogant without reason and lacks self awareness of his own limited musical ability so while you all back this arrogant monstrosity, I say long live Blink 182, split up as they may be, they're still head and shoulders above Angels and Airwaves.

A\/A girl - LOVE THEM!!! <3<3 | Reviewer: Katyyyy | 8/17/06

I absolutely adore Angels and Airwaves. Their music is so full of emotion and I think they're 100 times better than Blink and Boxcar. The sound is so rich and new and it immediately made me love every song on this album. The lyrics speek to me and are so poetic. I loooove the fact that I can relate to the songs. I can not wait for the next album!!


Fucking eh!! | Reviewer: steph | 8/4/06

Angels and Airwaves are by far the best band ever! they have came out with a new type of sound. And what is even better is that they are better in conert!!! they put on a show like no other. you feel a different vibe from these boys than when you go to anyother concert. they are amazing!! I have to say they are better than blink and box car put together, and they were great bands.

amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: *A\/A* | 4/15/06

this band is the best by far just like tom said its landscape music and puts you in a location thats different for everyone when you listen to the songs. it just changes the way you look at music so much talent and work has gone into this album its amazing, once you've listend to AVA you'll never go back. i love it!
/\\//\ girl =}

AWSOME | Reviewer: Rob Lionhart | 4/13/06

this band is good there lke a Boxcar Racer/Blink 182 they have alot of talent and their new song is brilliant The Adventure must listen 2 it good band hope they become very famous. anybody who objects are just stuck up their own arse and need 2 get a life :P

THE BEST BAND | Reviewer: Kandyce | 4/13/06

This is truly the very best band that i have ever heard. Everytime I listen to their music I get this feeling inside that makes me want to change certain things in my life. Tom and the rest of the band have really done a great job. Keep it going guys and stay strong!!!