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Performed by Andrea Bocelli

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Best song ever | Reviewer: Thomas | 5/15/13

This is the best song ever I can appreciate opera and not pop and rock crap

I am planning to have all his songs at my birthday next year

Andrea bochelli is the best singer on earth isn't he?

Vivo Per Lei | Reviewer: Cherie and Matt H. | 3/18/13

Soooo beautiful! The first time I heard this song, we were watching the performance from Tuscany; a duet with Heather Headly...oh my goodness. Amazing. Champagne in hand...we sat frozen, side by side, with tear-filled eyes. It was extraordinary.

i love andrea | Reviewer: ogedegbe susan doye | 9/30/11

i love the song. It takes my breath away. I live for you. Even d video was spectacular,the skating the luvly atmosphere. I love andrea for composing such song. I realy do not know what d song means but i know i live for u

Vivo Per Lei | Reviewer: vumile Nobaza | 7/9/11

Everytime time I listen to this song it takes me to the world unknown to me that only my heart can fantasize, this song is everytime I want to reconnect to my inner world!

It will live forever ndiyabulele(thank you) Andrea

sing or try ..your voice is unique | Reviewer: Hamza | 1/23/10

This song is a great one , where the singer takes us to another world, a world for beauty and love, I didn't like the german version but the Italian version is too awesome and the spanish version as well,

omg.... | Reviewer: moe | 7/3/09

oooooooh myyyyy godness.....
i adore music, i adore italian lang. , i adore pretty voices..
andrea pocelli you are all of that some...
i am tryin to do the same but i never think it'll be..
thank you in behalf of all music lovers.. almost infinity thanks for that's immortal song

listen to the spanish version | Reviewer: meli | 6/22/09

this song talks about music!
i watched the video on youtube with the ice skaters... didnt like it! the italian-english mix doesnt go with me!! i love the spanish version though! its awesome!!!

vivo por ella- Andrea Bocelli && Martha Sanchez

and by the way, he can't read... He's blind!!!

"Vivo Per Lei" on u-tube | Reviewer: Juls | 4/3/09

I first viewed the U-tube version ths past week. As the ice-skaters skated, and I listened to the music and Andrea's voice, I was lifted to a high place of pure wonder, amazement and beauty!

I doubt seriously that Andrea reads these posts himself, (how would he have the time?) but if you do, Andrea, magnifico. Julie

vivo per lei CRAZY | Reviewer: fans | 10/19/08

when i listen to this song for the first time ifeel that i am the heroein of this song.that he spok about me and my lover
so thanks for this immortel song.............................................

wonderful | Reviewer: charles | 10/8/08

Dear Andrea, after listining to the song, I fell in love with the song and after reading about you I was amazed how God has blessed you with wonderful talent. We are planning to sing this song in our school. God bless You.

Andrea Bocelli | Reviewer: ALi | 7/29/08

I went to see him once when i was 3 in the Fox Theatre. I don't remember it though. I have such a love for his music. His voice is like that of an angels, welcoming, warm and beautiful. When i was little i would sing along to his music, and now at the age of 14 i still do. i hope to see him again, or even more so to sing with him. It has always been one of my dreams. i have even memorized almost every song of his by heart.

Lyrics in English-- yes, it is about love for music. | Reviewer: gianna | 7/8/08

I've lived for her
Since the first time i met her
I don't remember how, but
She came inside me and stayed
I live for her because she makes
my soul vibrate strongly
I live for her, and it's not a burden

I live for her, too, you know
and don't be jealous
She belongs to all who
have a need that's always on
like a stereo in a bedroom
to one who's alone and now knows
that she is also for him; because of this
i live for her

She is a muse who invites us
to stroke her with our fingers
through a piano
death is far away
I live for her.

I live for her who often knows
how to be sweet and sensual
sometimes she strikes you, but
it is a blow that never hurts

I live for her, i know she makes me
travel from city to city
and suffer a little, but at least i live

It hurts when she leaves
I live in hotels for her
It grows with extreme pleasure
I live for her in the vortex
through my voice
it expands and produces love

I live for her, i have nothing else
and how many others i meet
who, like me, have it written on their faces:
"I live for her."

I live for her
on a dais or against a wall
I live for her to the limit
...also in a harsh tomorrow
I live for her to the edge
Every day
a conquest
the protagonist
will always be her

I live for her because now
I have no other way out
because music, you know
is something i've really never betrayed

I live for her because she gives me
rests and notes with freedom
if there were another life i'd live it
i'd live it for her

I live for her, the music
I live for her
I live for her, she is unique
I live for her
I live for her
I live for her.

vivo per lei | Reviewer: Tessy | 3/18/08

This song is so wounderful and so emotional even though i cant get the meaning, but mere listening to it will take you far. I hope that someday someone will send the english version to me at Andrea, you are a gifted and amazing singer. I admire your voice at alot.

I know what they're singing about | Reviewer: Lauren | 2/18/08

hey guys, so i was just reading ur reviews and although this is a beautiful song, they aren't singing about a love for each other...they are singing about their love for Music, sorry to break it to you

I AM CRAZY FOR LOVE SONGS | Reviewer: driton | 1/21/08


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