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Performed by Anberlin

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Research!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/09

I don't listen to Anberlin, I like this song. That has no bearing on faith in a man named jesus. How you have to believe in a fake god to like a song is beyond my understanding. I wish jesus would come take you all back and let us live in peace :)

Just like your religion, no thought or research goes into what you believe. Only what you are told. How about you do research before you post something!

I think we're categorized like that a lot because we're on Tooth & Nail Records, which, years ago, was known as a Christian label and never lost that reputation. I don't care who listens to our records. If it helps people in whatever circumstances they're in, that's amazing, but I definitely don't classify us as a Christian band.

quote from Christian the singer not a christian that is his name.

It's a song, not theology. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/09

It's a song, a kick ass song. Don't confuse it with theology. Either way tolerate whatever the hell other people believe in you jackasses. If you wanna play Nazi with your spirituality go become a Muslim in Iran I have a feeling you'll fit in.

haha, idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/09

i love the ones that say it is a song about God only because it has the word Devil in it. that makes NO sense. i doubt you will be telling God that your boyfriend is gone so its okay that yall are fooling around which it CLEARLY says in the first bit. I just sit back && laugh at the fools in the world. i'm christain and i believe in God, and i will admit when i hear a song and find out that it is about God, but sorry NOT this one. get a grip people....

Angry. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/09

Piss off, i can not believe and god and still listen to Underoath and other stuff like that. I hate the way that religion is taking over something even as simple as music. I think that it's just some guys imagination gone way to far. Get over it. Go find some other way to exercise your beliefs faggots.

. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/09

I hate how people listen to bands like Anberlin, but still don't believe in Jesus. A LOT of their songs are about God. This song...what do you think it's about!? Seriously, If you're gonna listen to bands like Anberlin, underOATH, The Devil Wears Prada, Switchfoot, Relient K, or any other Tooth and Nail labeled band, (and yes, I know this isn't about Tooth and Nail and that I think none, now that I think of it, of those bands are Tooth and Nail), then you need to know that a great amount of the songs they write are, in fact, about Jesus Christ.

idoits | Reviewer: | 4/12/09

The internet lets idiots flood web pages with their thoughts. You (as in the ones posting) created a whole christian discussion on a lyrics page of a song. The song is tight and gathering from the lyrics, has no religious connection, you assholes read in to similies maybe you are projecting your own christian insecurities Freedom From Religion is what we need! Those are my opinions here is fact.

Your clutch like the devils in your hand

this is a simile comparing the strength of her clutch to having the devil in her hand grasping it for her. That is a tool used in poetry which basically music is. Stop over-thinking the small shit and get a life.

De Vesci

Christian? | Reviewer: john masterson | 4/11/09

Okay, first off, the world and everything in it doesn't revolve around Christians and their stupid, ignorant, out of date belief system. This song is sexual art. It's capturing the sense of lust and erotica in a twist of lyrical loveless despair.. Get over yourselves; sex sells, sin sells, redemption.. doesn't.

oh my fucking god. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/09

i love how people try to make every song seem like its christian.
i swear, any song that says anything about the devil is like OMFG CHRISTIAN MUSIC!
unless its saying good stuff about the devil, at least.
its getting pretty stupid.

Yes, it is a Christian song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/09

Haha, being a Christian is not always easy, we are not perfect, this song clearly points it out, and yes it is a Christian song, we all make mistakes, but God forgives us, that doesn't mean you shouldn't fee guilty, it means that God will still accept us no matter how screwed we are if we accept Him

like it? love it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/09

ok so anberlin is the sheez knees...we all agree on that! Jesus Christ saves souls but not everyone agrees on that. I wish everyone did :( Any wizzle...listen to This Providence..another wonderful band that you'll love! THanks and have a great day..just to let all of you know..i have no affiliation with This Providence or Anberlin other than I think they are swell.

never would have guessed. | Reviewer: Brittney | 4/1/09

this song is a christian song? well it doesn't sound like the oh so "god is my friend" literally spoken christian music that i hear like.. flyleaf and such. if its referring to god i love it, because it sounds casual, not like a prayer song.

well either way, whether it be christian or not i absolutely LOVE the freaking song. ^-^

Who Cares? | Reviewer: Brittany | 3/28/09

Who cares if they are christians or not? Are you gonna stop listening to them if they are? I love underOATH, and they are christian. They are my favorite, cuz they are radd. But this is a damn good song.

If you dont know Christ you wont see it., | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/09

People who think this song is about cheating, your missing it. This song is about the lust and temptations that are found through such things as cheating, and how the devil will find a way to push himself in and clutch on to you when you fall into those temptations. Either way, whether ambelin is a christian band or not, everyone in the band is christian, which would reveal their hearts threw their music as christ-centered. They have went mainstream only to tell the ones who dont know who God is the good news through their lyrics, and if you dont know who Christ is youll try to make these lyrics into something else. Which honestly, if you know a think or two about literature, it never has to do with exactly what is written. There are ways to read between the lines.


Christian Rock | Reviewer: Zac | 3/28/09

Christian Rock.. why do we give a label like this to music? I understand the rock portion but putting christian ahead of it pisses me off, its MUSIC regardless, we don't need people to tell us what RELIGION they are because they're in a band.

And aside from that, Christianity is a joke.. look it up, there were numerous religions that revolved around a claimed to be "omnipotent" god THOUSANDS of years before this jesus fellow was invented.. and these gods shared the EXACT SAME DETAILS throughout their so called lifetime. Mithra, again THOUSANDS of years ahead of christianity, was born of a virgin, star in the east symbolizing the Dec. 25th birth, 12 disciples, was known as the light/good shepherd/son of god, said to raise the dead and cure the sick, was sacrificed at the spring equinox (easter).. ALL OF THESE ARE SEEN THROUGHOUT PREVIOUS RELIGIONS DATING BACK THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF YEARS.. people are so misinformed

And agnostics are even more ignorant by dismissing christianity and then claiming there COULD be unicorns flying around in an alternate reality that isnt proven to exist or w/e it is that is "possible"..logically that is wrong on soo many levels but fuck it, im going to go get high, i cant even think about christianty without feeling bad that Americans wouldn't even vote for someone unless they followed the holy bible. What a fuckin joke.


Geeeeh | Reviewer: Someone | 3/26/09

Ok this band is Christian! any question visit this website it list most Christian bands out there visit There is a likely chance you will recognize some or most bands listed their. This song has 2 views. One it is Christian talking about sin, and how the devil can get you do do stuff you don't wanna. Lust is one thing most men cant resist so ya you can figure the rest out. Also its about how his ex or something cheated on him. ALSO don't stop listening to them because their Christians! because their are really good.


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