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Performed by Anberlin

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Cheating: Plain And Simple | Reviewer: Adam Rock | 6/11/14

Need I say anything more since it was already said before me. That is what this song is about regardless of petty arguments. All one has to do is read the lyrics and you'll realize what Anberlin is talking about even if you only like to listen to the music despite what the song says.

been there done that | Reviewer: | 9/5/13

I will never forget the first time i heard this song and how the chills ran up my spine and made the hair stand on the back of my neck!this song takes me back to three different times in my life where the lyrics are on point.besides isnt that what music is all about!there isnt one person that is into music reguardless of what kind that hears a song that takes them back to a moment in life when it was heard and the memory that was far as religon go's who cares we are all pink on the inside!i will b seen these guys for the first time in santa ana oct 4th its definitly going to be a feel good drag! PEACE OUT TO ALL THAT READ

Feel Good Drag - Acoustic Version | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/11

The acoustic version of this song can be found at
Very nice. This is a great song.
Hey... the members of Switchfoot, Elvis and even Bono have openly expressed that they are believers in Jesus Christ. So do hundreds of other top performing and recording artists who sing secular and/or "Christian" music. If you want to find truth in life read the Bible. I read it for the first time so I could tell all those who were witnessing to me to leave me alone. Instead it changed my life.

Love this song! | Reviewer: Hannah | 4/19/11

Alright who cares if they're a christian band? They made this song with a meaning behind it, and now you can listen to it and make your OWN meaning! Music is what YOU make of it, the original meaning of the song doesn't have to be what you get out of it.. thats whats so great about music! Your free to make what you want out of it!

This review is for a class assignment. | Reviewer: Stioux | 5/19/10

I heard this song about a year ago from my sister. It’s called Feel Good Drag by Anberlin. It’s a rock song and I think it hits the genre pretty well; it’s got a strong rhythm guitar and bass line. The drums also follow a rock beat. This song appeals to a lot of people, I think, because it’s got a lot of different segments. The beginning is strong but then fades into a lyrical first verse with good diction; you can actually understand the words. The words themselves are very meaningful; they tell a story about people who have affairs. The use of metaphors and other grammatical mechanics is prevalent in this song. Although the lyrics do tell a story, they also carry the melody along with it strongly enough that it can be easily heard among the ripping guitars and crashing cymbals.
One thing that I love about this group comes out in the chorus. The lead singer is the only one on the track, he just sings over himself on the track and you can hear where he interrupts himself as he starts to sing the next verse. The coolest part about this little trick is that he often harmonizes with himself. About halfway through the first voice, there is a very high falsetto or female voice that can be heard if you listen very carefully. The lyrics that are sung there are “we can just pretend”. Another distinct part of the song is where the bass and rhythm guitar drop out and all you can hear is the drums in the back and a little solo by the lead guitarist, all behind the verse.
It’s hard to assign a consistent name to the sound in this song, mostly it’s pretty edgy and sharp, but it also fades into a more muted tone so the lyrics and solos can really stand out. The tempo stays the same throughout, even through the quiet sections. Through most of the verses, there is kind of a background “ooh” that really fills in the sound nicely. I think that the choice of instruments was very good for this song; you can even hear the keyboard in the back sometimes. The structure of this song is almost common, I’m not sure I’ve heard many songs built this way. They use the common form except the swap the order of the second verse and the chorus. Also they only sing the chorus once at the end. The structure is verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, and chorus.
This song is pretty much a rock anthem for me; it’s uplifting despite what the lyrics mean. The band did a very good job balancing the styles that you can identify in the song. As you listen to the song, you can tell that the band’s members know how to play their instruments very well. There are all kinds of solos and quiet sections where a certain instrument or two can really shine and demonstrate their talent. They are very confident, for one thing. There is no hesitation on the part of the lead singer and the music is easier to enjoy because you can tell that they are having a good time playing it. The reason I chose this song is because it really rocks and it’s very unique and original. Some of the production techniques they used didn’t necessarily augment the lyrics or notes, but they just put a really sweet spin on the song and they made their own.
Overall, the blend between lyric and chord here is very good, neither overpowers the other too much. When you listen with stereo speakers, you can hear the lyrics in the song coming in from different sides every once in a while. For the most part, it’s a pretty solid blend throughout, but there are sections where a guitar will come across from left to right or right to left. Another thing that the band deserves praise for is the lack of studio tools like auto-tuning and other reverb and echo effects that this song doesn’t have. The only part of the song that is very obviously tweaked is at the end where the last chord distorts out as a fade into the next song. It just really proves that they can pull off a work of art like this without electronic help.

Wow | Reviewer: Dan | 5/15/10

I am a big anberlin fan since the blueprints album. The lead singer has clearly stated that all of the band members are believers but he does not classify anberlin as a "Christian band." although the messages in some songs are clearly that way. This one is about cheating.

Good song | Reviewer: Bomar | 5/8/10

This is a good song, its the only one by them I have heard, but I might check out more. Personally I listen to the heavier stuff such as Lamb of God and Walls of Jericho. A lot of people look at it as satanic music, but honestly, just because its loud, oh well. As I Lay Dying is one of the heaviest bands around, they are Christian and I would never let that divert me from listening to them. Everyone has their own beliefs, don't stop listening to the music simply because you don't like theirs.

Guys, chill please... | Reviewer: Mistress Gigi | 4/27/10

Guys, Its a song or a band. If you don't like it, then you don't. If you do, then you do. It shouldn't matter the religion of the band or your personal religion, it matters what message is portrayed in the lyrics and that it connects to the audience and expresses what it is that the artist has written.
I personally don't care for their music except for this particular song but please, music is not a reason to start a fight or argument... Especially when it's with people you don't even know.

does it realy mater | Reviewer: jason | 4/5/10

i think that its stupid if someone wouldnt listen to something that they like jus because it is christian. i feel i fall between the cracks of christianity i was raised in church went to a christian school but somewere along the lines i lost my faith. its a good song and if u dnt like it shut the fuck up and dnt listen to it ya damn morons

who cares anyway? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/10

I'm personally a Christian and like to think that this song is but that's my choice. Chill, people! If Anberlin wants to write their songs about religion, respect that or stop listening! If you don't think this song is religious than go ahead, express your opinion, but stop slamming others for expressing theirs.

things are out of hand | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/10

First off, I love this song. Anberlin is one of my favorite bands since I first heard NTFP. It's a bit disheartening that a debate of the status of the members' individual views on faith has caused so much division within the band's fans. Please check out some of these links below to read what the members of Anberlin say on the subject instead of inserting your own words into their mouths.

To the Christians who are arguing: As a fellow believer in Christ, I hope you understand that our goal is to make Jesus' name famous. Arguing like this only creates division among believers and causes more damage than good. Debating whether a particular band or their lyrics are "Christian" doesn't normally lead people to a loving relationship with Christ. Please let this issue die, enjoy the music, and share the love of Jesus.

To the non-believers: Your criticism is welcome. None of us are perfect, but Christ's love covers us all. Continue listening to the music you enjoy.

Yeaa.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/10

This song is definetly about a girl cheating on her boyfriend knowing it's wrong for one.. For two if you look up the music video it explains that yes it iss a christian song anndd band. They also go and preform at a christian music festiaval.. So yea.. They are christian

thankyou | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/10

response to chill the fuck out
ok everbody, i think that this dude that said chill the fuck out is right. all you dumshits are arguing over religion when the fucking point is to enjoy the fucking song. just shut the fuck up and enjoy the fucking song.

Cool Stuff | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/10

I'm not a Christian, but I just wish people would lay off with their hussy fits about bands being strong about their faith. I think this is a free country and everyone has rights to state their own opinions or what they believe in, including the Christians, no matter what the president or their friends are saying.

I feel that the Christians aren't the ones who started this so-called "war". It's the ones who disagreed that did. Cuz they had a problem in the first place with the whole idea and we need to all just get along.

Anyways, the bottom line is this. The Feel Good Drag is a song. Anberlin is a band. So what if they're Christian? Their stuff rocks, man.

Review. | Reviewer: Mw | 3/14/10

Anberlin is awesome, i appreciate their music for the content. I'm not trying to find Christian lyrics, i'm trying to find a good song to get pumped up for a game. Thanks Anberlin for making that happen.

And as for my view on the whole "religious war" going on here...
If i'm wrong about eternity, and there is no God, then oh well, nothing happens. If you're wrong, you're burning in hell. Yeah, Sounds like i'm getting a pretty good deal either way..

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