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Performed by Anathema

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Guess what | Reviewer: My name | 10/8/13

I doubt this song is about a person; I think its meant literally about drowning oneself in the sea.
and on this beautiful horizon lies a dream for you and I hints at an afterlife in which the protagonist finds his only release in the possible future with his loved one after death.
I dont think this song is happy at all, in my opinion its straightforward about suicide or to be more specific the afterlife.
its cathartic is what you guys mean i suppose, cos calling this song happy is sorta morbid i'd say ;)

Happy | Reviewer: SA | 11/24/10

I kinda considder this song happy in a weird way, or maybe bittersweet. Its like someone at last finding peace, not a huge and loud party but just someone finally having something similiar to a light smile on his/her lips.

the perfect sad song | Reviewer: Engraved | 10/5/10

I am not sure if anyone else consider this song as a very very sad but perfect song, specially the part Beyond this beautiful horizon ... till the end,
it just too pure to endure, yet the most perfect sad song in my opinion

Drift in and out... | Reviewer: Viva la Anathema | 3/23/10

First and foremost, Anathema are amazing. I want to thank Anathema for, not just a wonderful song, but for me - a release.
The harmonic mix of soothing music, Vincent Cavanagh's voice singing such poignant lyrics and the added sounds of nature, floods me with utter tranquility.
With regard to a previous post, I too, am reminded of being on a beach; transported to a deserted island where the ocean crashes to a backdrop of a grey sky. As the waves wash in, I feel it enter my mind . As they recede, I feel my worries drift away with it.

temporary peace | Reviewer: abby | 8/18/09

the title gives you the interlude for the song, and while listening it, I get that 'temporary peace', while thinking of the only one person that can give me that, feeling like he is with me, tough he isn't. It is a great song from a great band.....

Magnifico! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/08

Thank you Anathema, thank you for all the music you gave to this world. And thank you for this flawless jewel on the music sky. Remindes me how I was sitting on the shores of Habana with the dawn and listening to the symphony of the waves and this song on my mind. And suddenly everything that bothered me was long gone, far in the distance and there was just me, the sea and the waking city. Best moments. Cheers!

What A Great Song! | Reviewer: Ali | 2/16/07

This song is really taking me to other places of the world..And i can listen myself...Just Another Great Anathema Song!

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