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Performed by Anathema

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Anathema | Reviewer: Mahmut | 4/22/14

The album that includes this song is called Judgement and before that album The Cavanagh brothers lost their mother. So the entire album is a tribute to her, full of grief and loss. The song "One Last Goodbye" is brother's cry to their mother and this song (Parisienne Moonlight) is considered to be the mother's answer to her children. Anathema sure knows how to make people sad through their songs and lyrics since they're merely telling their story, opening up through their song in a matter. Most awesome band ever. Divine.

i believe in you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/10

this is insane, i would never can imagine that a song could display this much accuracy of what happened for me... for me... for me .
"you tried to see inside of me
and now i'm leaving you
i don't want to go
away from you
pleeeeeaaaase try to understand...."

ANATHEMA, i wish i see you someday, your band...

best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/07

thats one of the greatest songs in the world....anathema makes me feel bad....

Great! | Reviewer: Erman | 10/13/05

This is an awesome song, full of emotion. Anathema knows how to do it.

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