Found It | Reviewer: Sinned | 11/30/08

My Dad just died.Its hard for me to move on.I dont know,but it strucks me to find a song relates to what I's the song.I will heartly dedicate this song to my everdearest father.We will always love you very much.We will see each other soon.Miss you so much.

Thanks for the uploader of this lyrics,it helps a lot.And thank you Alter Bridge.

to my amazing grandma | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/08

this past month my grandma mary c. williams passed away,and it's
been really hard,i think about her everyday and all the time,and i
can't believe she's gone it's not gonna be the same without her
this song is so good i listen to it all the time ,my grandma was
such a kind person she never judged and always loved she will
be greatly missed,i miss her so much,so does my family,we all
loved her . thanks' for all you've done.
cj pigeon chicago,illinouis

in loving memory | Reviewer: Hannah | 11/9/08

When I first heard this song, I had just finished writing an "in loving memory", coz I had lost one of my friends, and one of my aunts within 2 weeks of each other -- one before Easter, and one after... I have lost a lot of people in the past 3 years, and it's never easy.. this song makes me cry every time, but it's so beautiful... even if it does make me cry, it's nice to take a moment and remember...

my grandma and my aunt | Reviewer: ZACK BLAIR | 11/3/08

this past year ive been through alot . on the night of april 8 i had a long conversation with my grandma about life and how she thought i was gonna have a promising succesfull career in the future and i had a game the next day and she promised shed be their no matter wat so as i watched her leave my house to go to her sisters i said bye mammaw ill see you tomorrow i love you. well that night she blead to death and she with me everywhere i go. one day in the hospital with my aunt who had cancer i stayed up all night long to make sure she was fine she did great next day we take her home and that night june 13 i watched her take her last breath. the last thing i said to her was i love you. this song hits me hard i love it . r.i.p mammaw and aunt janice i love you so much and miss you so much . plz leave me a spot in heaven .

speachless | Reviewer: TELLIE | 10/27/08

i found this song just searching lyrics.when i found it i was nervous to keep reading i knew it would hit home. ive lost many people in my life its the worst pain you can grandma's b day is next month im so scared for it to come, i know it gonna be the hardest.she passed this january, it was like bomb hit. everyday i wish i was able to say goodby but with this song it really touches you it explains how i feel when i cant explain it myself. i feel the song says it for me.great song i think everyone can relate. thank you.

Nana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/08

R.I.P Nana, I love you so much...I just hope that you'll be proud of me when i grow up....Just hope you think im doing you right, just cant wait to be with you in heaven, i hope you and Nanu will open the gates for me...ILY!!

"Best Friend" | Reviewer: Shari | 9/16/08

I recently lost my younger sister to cancer. This song is so beautiful...It expresses exactly how I feel. I am the older sister and have been blessed to be in cancer remission for 2 years. I still can’t believe she is gone before me...

Love You For Ever "Gena" Big Sis.....Shari

"Best Friends" | Reviewer: Shari | 9/16/08

This song is so beautiful...It expresses exactly how I feel. I am the older sister and have been blessed to be in cancer remission for 2 years. I still can’t believe she is gone before me...

Love You For Ever "Gena" Big Sis.....Shari

ALWAYS | Reviewer: Dora | 9/10/08

This song will remind us that we can make it.. as the words say you ARE still a part of me. PLEASE let it be that way for many more years to come.
This is to you Jose, you can make it, you are a survivor!!!

Beautiful song...

To My Sweet Angel | Reviewer: Rhii | 9/5/08

This song helps me remember my best friend, she died a month and a half ago and i miss her so much, she was only sixteen...
I cry at these songs but still seem to listen to them,, I love you percy baby!!
Rest In Peace

tatay lope | Reviewer: soriano clan | 9/1/08

this song really touched me alot we've lost our beloved grandfather who died because of lung cancer...i'm still in denial on what happened.. because we love him so much and we'll love him more today than yesterday...when i heared this song.. all the pain and grievance that i kept to myself just burst out and it helps alot.. mentally,emotionally and spiritually.. and now i'm learning to accept his lost... i'll always remember him through this song..

eventhough your gone tatay lope you'll always in our heart!!

we love you so much!!

happy journey!!

So sad. | Reviewer: Simon | 8/21/08

It's a beautiful song, but I feel so sad and sorry for all of those who have lost ones. Despite not having lost a loved one yet, I always know that the day will come, where my parents, my grandparents, my uncles and my dogs will eventually die. I just hope when it comes to that I'll be able to continue on.

May God bless and comfort all.

my friend. | Reviewer: Jen | 7/14/08

this is for my long lost friend. i knew her since i was 13. she is a best of friend that i ever knew. but i always took her for granted. she was also my neighbor, we see each other almost everyday. till we got to the point that she had to leave. she moved out to other city but she always makes sure that we'll always keep in touch. i was 17 when we lost our communication and it was completely my fault. i've never heard anything about her for four years. i am turning 21 this year until i've heard from a friend that she passed away months ago. i regretted the day we had our last conversation which i never knew that it would be the LAST. i cried and cried for i couldn't ever see her again. i thought i'll get the chance to see her one summer, i've waited for that day. but it never comes and it will never come. I MISS YOU JIL.

Touching and very real | Reviewer: Art Leal | 6/25/08

Excellent song.

This song reminds me of my girlfriend Jenny, who passed away almost three years ago. The lyrics remind me of her becuase she was such a giver, all the time, and that to this day, I still feel her presence by me from time to time.

Still love her, still miss her, still feel her.

this song always | Reviewer: dingo | 6/3/08

helps my gf of 2 n half years passed away nearly 2 weeks ago and my life has never been the same since but everytyme i listen to this song it helps me to remember all the tymes we had together also its my birthday 2day and were going to bury the ashes n for 1 final song were having this song played R.i.p sammie fallon<3 i will always love you no matter what you wil always be my gawjus gurl i love you so much and caint wait to meet u again some day x