:) | Reviewer: Anderson | 1/5/12

i think that this song is about him touring with his band and having the time of his life, but the only thing bugging him is the fact that the girl he loves doesn't want to go with him on the tour, wherein he intended to propose in that tour while they're in vegas.

He's previously been trying to get her to join him in that tour, showing signs that he's gonna propose, but she declined. It's either she realizes it and doesn't want to go, or she just can't read between the lines. so he decides to just make the most out of this trip with his friends and is still excited to get home to meet this girl.

what it means; | Reviewer: Jessica (: | 9/1/08

This song is about him falling in love with this girl, who obviously was afraid of commitment.

Like Remembering Sunday, the girl pretty much ran away from him.

Some time in the song, he realizes that she's not worth it anymore? & he says that he's falling in love with distance put between them.

& "could you be any more obvious"
that means, basically, could you be anymore obvious that you don't love me back?

Hope this helped.

WTF | Reviewer: LEXXII | 8/12/08

i abolsolutely think this song is adorable, but i thought it was about him having fun with his friends, and then it seems to turn into him falling in love with a girl? i dont understand what this song means!