The (Myrtle) Beach | Reviewer: Emily | 3/31/10

I grew up in Myrtle beach all my life but about 3 years ago, I had to move to Virginia. I miss it there a lot and this song makes me homesick but happy at the same time because it reminds me of all the great times I had there all my life. :)

... | Reviewer: nikki | 6/21/08

This song is great.When I first heard All Time Low perform I didn't think they were that great of a band, but this album completely changed my mind.I listen to this song basically every day, over and over, along with pretty much every other song on the album =]This song reminds me of summer, which is my favorite season, and schools out and it's time to let loose.This song really gives me that image, and it's really fun to listen and occasionally sing along to;]Love the song;keep up the good work ATL!