Fine Wine Connoisseur | Reviewer: Alky The Alk3Holics | 2/15/2007

The moment the drums kick up that special tingle in every Alkaline Trio fan's back stand straight on end. A momentary pause, then many fan's all time favourite song throws Matt Skiba's powerchords and power voice into the ears of the clever, clever people who bought the album containing the song. Dan's bass cut's through the mix nicely at the end of the first verse and carries the song right through to it's climax. and drives the song through . When the drums kick back in, the snare roll introduces the full flavour of the song as it gathers momentum and the signature Alkaline Trio sound becomes ever more present. The end of the song is no disappointment and couldnt be deemed an anti-climax as it first reaches the fastest, loudest point in the song and finally lays down to rest.

Alkaline Trio are the best band on the planet. Buy all their albums. Seriously

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amazing | Reviewer: ian | 11/22/2004

First of all, every single one of alkaline trio's songs has this awesome sound. The song kicks ass, one of their best early ones.

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