Reviews for Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart Lyrics

Performed by Alicia Keys

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alot of people can sing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/11

many millions of people around the world can sing ranging on the scale from one to ten. What makes everyone like this song is that its a good voice singing it well and that she is the first to sing this song. And the lyrics. So many ingredients make a song what it is not just the singing! Because alot of people can sing well

good song | Reviewer: brenda | 2/8/10

the song is to die for. i feel like its speaking to me most of the time and to alotta people im sure.this is what we always go thru dealing with heartaches,broken hearts. beautiful,beautiful piece, so completely in love with it.

love this song | Reviewer: Sasha | 1/11/10

i think dat this is a very good makes u think about the past love and how its hard to get over theat past love...but in the end there will always be a way o04 u to make it when ur alone @ nit3 thinkin of that person and realizing how they've did u wrong...this song is very inspiring and it helps to deal wit an heart breat =)

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