ranaa your #1 idol from PA | Reviewer: ranaa billingsley | 2/11/07

Alicia is my idol. She is like my favorite singer. I went to her official fan club and I wanted to join it, but it cost $25.00 and I'm just a child so I don't get lots of dough yet. I get my allowance though,(sometimes). I want to be just like Alicia when I grow up, so right now I'm taking piano and chorus. For piano I'm on a hiatus because my mom stays late at work on Mondays and that's when I take piano. I wrote a story about you and then I typed it. It was cool because Alicia is cool. I have loved your music since I could listen to it. I love all your songs but,my first favorite was and still is "I keep on fallin in and out". I know every word. Well I know you have some important things to do, but remember I'm your my #1 fan and remember the name Ra'naa.

Alicia Keys | Reviewer: <3JordynFromCanada.ILoveYouBrandon<3 | 7/27/06

Alicia has a really good voice but I don't really like listening to her music. I want to give a shout out to Brandon <3 We are such a good match and we were going out but then he moved to a different school. We stayed going out for probably about seven or eight weeks after that but then it got too hard for him and he broke up with me. Then five days after we broke up his mom was talking to my mom and my mom told me that his mom said that he still liked me and everything and he really didn't want to break up with me but it was too hard never being able to see me. I know he won't see this because he doesn't listen to Alicia Keys, but Brandon, you are the best thing that ever happened to me because you like me for me and as weird as I may be I know that you cared about me and I'm hoping you still do, because I still care about you and I hope that you'll consider being my boyfriend when we're in the same school next year <3. I love you to bits !!!

very awesomely gooood | Reviewer: matt | 10/19/05

i love Alicia Keys she is such a good singer man
so good

THE ICONOCLASTIC PRODIGY | Reviewer: mike ekeghe | 5/2/05


I THINK ALICIA KEYS IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS THAT HAS EVER HAPENED TO r and b music, She has undoubtedly distinguished herslf as one of a kind and trully a force to recon with in the highly competitive world of R and B