Alicia Keys! | Reviewer: A Big FAn!!!! | 10/3/07

Hey this is a very good review. I was trying to do a school report on this and its a good thing i past this site. It really helped me. By the way I earned a A+ on my report.... and no way in the orld i plagerised! Im only 11 in the 8th grade!

the info.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/07

This was a cool biography but I was told once that alicia was in jail.... p.s SHE ROX!!!!!!!

Alicia keys is gratefull | Reviewer: Angie Valladares | 7/15/07

Alicia keys is one of the best singer that existed in this world I am happy with her music

alicia | Reviewer: david m | 6/25/07

she's got the best voice i've ever heard.'Alicia,you are gem, you really blessed!' i hope to meet alicia!!!

alicia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/07

omg i luv her music she is an insperational singer and i want to sing as good as her one day!!!!

alicia keys ur the only 1 i really id0lized!!! | Reviewer: bheng | 6/22/07

alicia is really a perfect one! she g0t all... ! i really l0ve her! h0ping and praying to meet her.. she's the best!! swear! alicia keys your the best! i l0ve c0llecting your albums and your pics. !! your one of a kind.. Godbless

i need a job | Reviewer: phillip | 6/16/07

i need a job because i'm poor man with great ideas in my mind

I KEEP ON... | Reviewer: vincent | 5/31/07

Alicia you the most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life . I like your music i like your style i like everything about you. Though Kenyan i am, but still believe that one day will meet you. You inspire my love life girl and wish my girl will be your look alike. I train models and have always told them to have you as their inspiration. love you girl more than you can ever think.

how have you been? | Reviewer: macie dutting | 5/30/07

wat up mrs.alicia keys! ! ! ! ! i listen to yo stuff all the time. gurl your music helps me through alot of stuff. thankyou for your inspiration and help through your music.

Leesha | Reviewer: Geri | 5/23/07

Alicia is the best! I love her! My dream is to meet her!!!

alicia | Reviewer: NaNa | 4/26/07

i have a report to do on a 20th or 21st century artist in my music apprication class and i chose Alicia because her music is real and she is the most soulful artist that i can relate to, i love her.

Alica | Reviewer: keia | 4/23/07

I love Alica iam doing a paper on alica about how sucessful her life is keep makeing music girl

Greatness | Reviewer: Talia P. | 4/17/07

A true artist who went through alot to get where she is today.Alicia is calm, smooth,and creative with her work.

my icon | Reviewer: courtney burton | 3/19/07

alicia keys is like my icon a lot of her songs remind me of me and my life especilly fallin its my remined me of what my life is like with boys i love you alicia~!!!

i like ur music | Reviewer: tamara | 3/15/07

i think you r great at what you do i love you ur songs mean a lot to me because of things that has happen in my life