she's beyond INSPIRATION | Reviewer: nataly | 11/29/07

Man this CHiiCC ALiiCiiA iiSs tha BEST r&b singer aLiiiVE .. You make me want to go out there and sing myy guts out !! I always wanted to bee like you Always! Tha songs you write and or sing ARE JUST AMAzzzING !! Ur wayy of singin and playin tha piano is man unique NO ONE CAN TOP YOU ! There aint noo WORDS! Too explain how much of a good singer you ARE!!!!!!

hey wats up | Reviewer: wika | 11/29/07

hi alicia im wika from florida, i love your music and i really enjoy singing just like you! Im always singing and i actually get on peoples nerves, when im not singing to my boyfreind. He loves it when i sing him lullubys and so does his brother! Keep doing a good job and 1 day im going to be just like you and blow up like you did.

your da best | Reviewer: j-boo | 11/28/07

guh i want to be lyke yooh guh i love you .......i could play piano...cant really sing but da how it is in da ak {alaska} yooh should come up here....ill be waitin iggght...well im in iss right now so i talk 2 you latta let me tell you what happend i got 2 many suckzzz but w.e.....ttyl..```~~~`oho yeah i love your new hit "NO ONE" dats mi jam guh you kno you my buddy n4 come up here ill be @ your concert...

I Love you | Reviewer: Tiffany | 11/26/07

I love this song called no ne and me and my sister listens to it all the time and I really love that song and I happy that you really made the song and I would do anything in the world to listen to this song

best | Reviewer: jo | 11/22/07


You are the best girl.I enjoy your music.You are very gifted,continue singing.Your music is the first and last thing i listen to at night.

alicia keys rox!!! | Reviewer: nisi | 11/19/07

hey alicia,
well my mom found this biography and told me to read it and she told me that i have some similarities as you do. like piano i hate it still kinda do. and i'm in a choir, were called the churchill junior high allegro choir. my life is pretty much music, there won't ever be a time where you'll catch me not singing.
anywayz keep up the good work.
luv nisi josephine lyden

you are an amazing person | Reviewer: carolyn | 11/18/07

ALICIA! WOW not only are you beautiful from the outside but inside too.. i think its so GREATT that you take time out your busy life and put it in to people out there who are are deff. my role model:) keep doing what you are doing and dont let anyone EVER put you down!...lovee all your songss ESPECIALLY NO ONE!! and your amazing voice!

Alicia thx !!!!!! | Reviewer: A girl | 11/17/07

Alicia I just want to say that I am thankfull for everything that you've done so far with your music , I really LOVE it !!!!!!!!
Keep doin' your thing and remember you will always have a place in my heart ,
Love you !

A girl

Jada | Reviewer: Jada | 11/15/07

Dear Alicia Keys,
I really love your music and I really love you!!
My dad used to call me little Alicia keys when I was little. He still does.I really hope I can meet you one day.Your vioce is REALLY good and I hope my vioce can be like that one day!!

anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/07

Alicia keys is the best! I absolutely love her music, she is very inspirational to me. I would love to meet her one day!! We also have some similarities her birthday January 25 mine is the 27 of January,I like vanilla ice cream too! I just think shes the best!


Dear Alicia Keys,

Indeed talented young people like you come along very rarely,and when they do they deserve our utmost attention.I'm currently in the States,and I kindly request for an interface with you at a time convenient to you to discuss the way forward on how we can assist the suffering young people in Africa.I am sure you have been doing just that through your singular efforts.

Thank you and looking forward to your positive response.

Julius Murinzi,

Ms. Humbleness!! | Reviewer: Dawn C. | 11/7/07

You're a great inspiration to everyone and you just don't know how bad the people and myself want to meet you. You're music is GREAT and I would love to sing a song with you if that's possible. If that never happens just PLEASE continue making me proud!!! Your #1 FAN!!!!

AWWWW | Reviewer: Rose | 10/14/07

This woman, is inspirational seriously. She epitomizes what soulful music is and through her music I am enlightened every day. She has an enchanting voice & excellent control & her music echoes that of those past, it no, she is brilliant. Props to you Alicia keep it up.

Alicia Keys | Reviewer: Aja | 10/7/07

You are my idol. enough said. people think i look like you but i believe your much prettier. i can't sing but i do play an instrument. i'm 13 years old and i've listened to you since i was 8. i love you so much. don't ever change. i really want to meet you.

B3@UT!FUL | Reviewer: Lon | 10/5/07

When I say BEAUTIFUL I mean all around beautiful.....I just feel that it is so amazing how u do all the things you do.I having had an Favorite female artist since Aaliyah,but now i can say I love Alicia Keys!!