Reviews for If I Ain't Got You Lyrics

Performed by Alicia Keys

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thankyou! | Reviewer: zashie | 11/19/09

this song is really wonderful.
everytime i hear this song i always think of my clasmates. through ups and downs, happy and sad times, especially when it comes to fun and jokes,we were always together!

it is not the material things that count but the unseen love you have felt.

never take anyone for granted
cause you'll never know when you might lose them
and you'll never get the chance to tell them how you really feel.

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/09

OMG the first time i heard this song was when i was in the third grade. I love it so much today,and now i am a 7th grader. I think i'm obssesed with Alicia i have all her songs on my pod. Tjis song is so beautiful and touching i love it and will remember it 4 eva. the lyrics are so true and real.

I Love this song! | Reviewer: Coreen | 8/20/09

I just want to say dat i realy Love tihs song to the max,the lyrics are so nice and it can make you cry.This song is the ring tone for my phone & i always play the song three times in a day, morning, afternoon & when going to sleep. kep on kepin on gal(Alicia Keys)your number 1fan,Hiplicious Corene.

Amazing song! | Reviewer: Sandra | 8/15/09

I just love this song, it´s so beautiful. I´m gonna sing it tonight, and I have sing it so many times before, it really touch me and my soul. So perfect song to sing, and so simple. I just love Alicia Keys!!!

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/09

i love this song. now i am sitting in the 6th grade, loving this song. the words r deep and it touched me. she sang it with her deep feelings. i sing this song in the school musical i joined in the 5th grade with the mayor infront of my eyes. and i did it with a solo!! -.- but no one can sing it better than the one and only alicia keys.

Wedding song | Reviewer: mike cowgill | 7/18/09

My wife and I chose this song as our first dance. The words are true, deep, and very meaningful. Every time I hear it I just think of how much I love my wife and well up with tears. The song is a good reminder of why we got married..... I love you Heidi

Fantasmical | Reviewer: Kumiko | 7/10/09

hello.I remember the first time i heard this song. I was in 5th grade, and my dad was on deployment leaving my mom alone. she was depressed. Then my dad sent her a card. when she opened it, this song started playing.when my mom read the card, she started crying,mumbling "i love you." this song is beautiful,it amplifies that true love is the best thing you could ever recieve, not material things.
Thank-you, Alicia Keys for showing that. <3 <3

If I Ain't Got You | Reviewer: rain rivers | 3/9/09

... one of the songs that live in my heart... the song that will always be directed to and for the only one who makes me love life, as i did before many falls... Thanks to Alicia Keys for having a soulful interpretation of the song...

touching | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/08

the first time when i heard this song... i thought it was very lovely but it didn't matter to me at that time...

but today when i listened to this song again... it touched my heart so much, esp. when im thinking of someone and feeling that "he's the one.. and only one that i want to spend my life with"

thank you so much for this beautiful song

song | Reviewer: alesha perry. | 12/9/08

i love this song and the whole point alicia is trying to put a cross...theres a lot of people that valuse material things more then love. Alicia is saying she doesnt need all those things all she needs is this guy..

My Fiance | Reviewer: J~Ja Cruzy | 8/1/08

This is a great, excelent, and emotional song, I LOVE it! It is just the way I feel for my future husband. Nothing in this world means more than him. He is everything in my life,I don't need anything, but him. I do not need money, nor any material items. My happiness is being with him, by his side, for the rest of my days.

OMG!!! | Reviewer: MeriiOum' | 3/13/08

PERFECT song , PERFECT singer , it is just perfect!!! I LOVE it soo much !!! Alicia you're just awesome...! I just wanted to Say to "K" that I'm verry happy to see him 2morrow!! and everytime I think about him , i listen to this beautiful song...

lovley | Reviewer: tanica | 2/23/08

this song is beautiful just like is so good it's easy to sing to. u can relie on this song for anything when iwas told i had to do a singing competition this was the first song that went to my head cause i new i would of suceeded.

Amazing | Reviewer: Gumba | 1/27/08

This song is so amazing and so true. There are so many people that think material things gonna make them happy, but all u need is his love! Love this song

Out of words! | Reviewer: Jennifer Keys | 1/26/08

I love it.. I just love this song..
As my second name is keys, which I typed in google .. her name starts coming up so I clicked on it. And the next second after thesong has finished, I just sat their in tears! How can such a young woman write such a powerful song???
10/10 if U ask me !! haha :P
100% Aicia KEYS fan!!!

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