Reviews for Fallin' Lyrics

Performed by Alicia Keys

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heey!! | Reviewer: laura | 11/9/07

heey!! i'm from sweden but i love ur song nd i just love ur voice to nd just so u know i love ur new song to no one nd keep it up gurl doo ur thang

"Fallin | Reviewer: Dawg | 9/30/07

hey gurl this song is awesome u have a beautiful voce i would kill 4 a voice lik ur and ur song is awesome i can remember since when i wuz young i wuz singin this song ur awesome and i luv u and ur song keep doin ur thing gurl hope 2 hear more 4rm u in the future

OMG THIS SONG ROCKS! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/07

this song is amazing. aliacia keys has a really really great voice and these lyrics r so deep. great song, great performance.

Hi | Reviewer: Lyazzat | 8/31/07

I like the song Fallin. I'm listening Alicia Keys songs, they are inspire me. And i like her unusual voice.
She singing blues. I like it, it's very excellent.

review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07

i love this song when i sang this song in front of mates they couldnt believe how good i could sing !!!!!

denmark | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/07

fuck en nice sang .. du synger for fedt.. ps.. I am from Denmark

umm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/07

all these reviews are wicked retarded by the way...

but good song.

sweet | Reviewer: Tashina | 6/10/07

well well well, i really like all your music your a really talented singer!!! Your like one of my role models. I hope to be a famous singer like you. but yeah well p-ce n much love

hey | Reviewer: vivian | 5/31/07

Awesome song!! I love it!!! Im not really into this kind of music. I like rock but wow your a really great singer and i love ur songs!! well yeah bye.

leila waz hea | Reviewer: leila | 5/28/07

i love this song so much.....i love singing this song itz wonderful and it talks bout love and thatz romatic......:p

ana | Reviewer: anadenia | 5/17/07

hey wooo i love and im just here getting the lyrics of this song because im going to sing this song in a singing contest

Your fan | Reviewer: Nella | 5/3/07

Hey!Alicia I love your songs and you have a beautiful voice!!!!!You are the best singer ever!!!!!

without you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/07

you are an excellent song writer and singer and you inspire me to keep singing I live in a good home and every thing but I get tired and depressed and music is my lif e it is my food, my water, my nutrition, and my soul and without music in my life i'm gone into another life without meaning you songs inspire me to be better to succede to be everything I can possibly ever be

sending a message | Reviewer: tika | 4/23/07

hey! alicia you are my BIGGEST FAN and all i want to say that one day i am gonna meet you some way some how and again you are my BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!your fan

did you | Reviewer: calla schiller | 4/21/07

did you ever get scared when you are on stage singing in front of like 10,000 people? well give me a ring 909-6934

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