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Performed by Alicia Keys

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Learn how to love | Reviewer: Lucianne | 9/30/12

If you were never taught how to love then take the time to gain wisdom from those who are wise on the subject. If love starts blindly then educate yourself so that you can be successful at it, let the beauty grow. Be inspired by songs like these writen by Mis. Keys. Love is what keeps everything, it is the start of eternal glory. We should begin with self love. Keeping it real.

Been there 30 yesrs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/11

Giving yourself away is not the way to go
I know this because the Bible tells me so
Just because he wants you is not a reason to
You are worthy of so much more.
A commitment requires your very best,
so save it for the gift that is yours to give.
A pure, untarnished gift is is the best.

This song shouldn't even need to be made... | Reviewer: Chris J | 8/15/10

It really bothers me that men and women don't already know this. But anyway, this is the truth. A man should give all to a woman, because a woman will(should) give all to a man. The only way to live is to love.

womens worth we needed this song | Reviewer: khyaziah** | 4/7/10

i love this song it sends a message to all women and men thats been in a relationship, i was in a 2year relationship and he didnt respect me i thought it was me but now listening to this song has really made me look at things different it wasnt me it was him i gave him my all and now ive found a man who loves me for me!!!! you did yo thing on this song

Oops she did it again | Reviewer: Smooth | 1/10/10

Im saying this as a brother, you sisters got it going on. And this song truly exposes a man real intentions, if he really loves you he will show it naturally.If he doesn't show it more than likely he doesn't love you sorry men, Alicia to her Keys open the door and exposed us on this song.

I thought My life was over | Reviewer: Dinz | 10/9/09

I thought my life was over once cz of a guy i loved and went out for 2 years, you guys have no idea how hard it was to found out he never loved me even though i gave my everything to him. to get over a bastard like that i did everything i couldnt untill hear the song..thank you A i love you umah

She's the greatest | Reviewer: Sancha | 12/9/08

Alicia keys what can i say she is just magnificient. always has been always will be my favourite artiste of all times. this young woman is just richly blessed beyond measure. i hope that in my fresh singing career she may be a great role model to me Alicia you are th greatest and this song is marvelous

.... | Reviewer: indiana | 11/4/08

Omg! I just love Alicia Keys..I love her songs a lot everyone of them especially this one and if I aint got you...but everytime I listen to this song I really get into it..its very powefull and positive for both men and women..u rocked this 1 youuuu

That' a soul music | Reviewer: Chandler | 2/18/08

when i heard this music when i was 16.....that somethine that alicia keys what to mean ....i feel that very great...all the lyric just like the life...sometime you don't like each other..but for a while you will find the right man is around you for so many times
bravo alicia keys you are the talent music ,...keep doing it

this stuff is true | Reviewer: miaya | 12/24/07

i love this says so much to many women AND men...i hope that this song lerts all the men and women know that you should always always always respect women....especially the men need to listen to this song maybe it will help then understand that they should always respect women no mater what so thank you alicia for writing this song cause i know it has helped at least ten people and ten is better than none so THANK YOU!!!:)

strong words of wisdom and self respect | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/07

amazing song with alot of meaning - all woman should read these lyrics and go through life's relationship feeling just that.... if a man don't think your worth this trust me their is another man out their that does

Womans worth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

I was going though a really tough time and I couldn't understand why men treated me so bad..this song has really helped me though the tough times and it will always make me think twice before I date...cuz the guy needs to now my worth!!

Finally! | Reviewer: Michelle | 11/1/07

The point that every woman has tried to get her man to understand...

Us women will go to the ends of the earth for our men, but only providing they do the same in return. All too often, we allow ourselves to be treated like less than what we deserve.

I've yet to figure out why most men think they can treat us however they want and that we're still going to remain loyal and devoted?

NOT! Respect yourself ladies! :)

i love it | Reviewer: brittany | 10/22/07

i love your songs i listen to your cd every day i love all of them really no one i love the best i hesr thst every day

And don't ever forget it ! | Reviewer: ThatConfusedChiik | 10/21/07

This song is so powerful , everytime i decide about going out with a guy , i listen it this song and it helps me decide , Nuff times i've thought about how they treat me and they get lef' !!
Loooooool ! If they dont treat you right , don't give up the fight ! that's what i say !

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