Masks | Reviewer: Deatharmony | 3/31/11

@wtf indeed a marvellous song, one of the best AIC wrote, with "A little bitter" and "Get born again" in the same ways. However, better like AIC than Nirvana, because even if AIC was part of the grunge wave they always did rock, no grunge (i.e. not much punk style riffs), and I agree with you that the bands you quote made rock grow bigger forever. Last AIC album was pretty nice too, I guess they're back on the road !

wtf?! | Reviewer: like you give a crap | 11/1/10

This is beautiful so very beautiful.Alice in Chains were the second greatest band.Nirvana being the first of course.What is up with no one commenting this song deserves credit,notoriety something.I am a 15 year old girl and it bewilders me how amazing grunge was.I do consider Alice in Chains because grunge is awesome and so is Alice in Chains.Metal,punk,rap,pop,country sometimes I can't get it down but grunge is there to fucking save you.All the bull modern rock on the radio and then perhaps a Nirvana song comes on and resurrects you.Its amazing.Perfect song after song they delivered were great.Soundgarden,Stone Temple Pilots,Nirvana,Alice in Chains wow beautiful.Chris Cornell,Scott Weiland have amzing voices and Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley did aswell.

Miss them so much.

LOVE YOU KURT!You were my soulmate I know but time fucked up!

Layne I know your in heaven how could god let a voice like yours go to hell?