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Performed by Alice In Chains

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pwnsme. | Reviewer: lee. | 4/3/09

i saw the newly reformed alice in chains in march and it reminded me of how much i used to love them. to be honest, i wasn't too keen on the idea of a new singer but they put on a great show and i was really impressed. can't wait for the new album.

on and on | Reviewer: aussie | 12/16/08

hey alice in chains rocked and always will rock they are alive in the hearts of their matter what happens rock and grunge and metal will never die dispite what people say...this was the first alice in chains song i ever heard didnt like it at first but now i see different... thank you and have a nice day!

reply to "cool" by reviewer "chloe" | Reviewer: Zakk Wylde | 9/29/08

it's kinda hard for them to "keep rockin'" because Layne is dead and the new singer doesn't compete with Layne. And out of all of Ozzy's guitarists Jake E. Lee has to be my least favorite. He was in one Ozzy album (bark at the moon), but he didn't write any of the songs it clearly says under all of the songs "Words and Music by: O. Osbourne." and Zakk is probably the best guitarist Ozzy ever had, but this song has nothing to do with Jake E. Lee, take your comments about jake to some Dio song.

cool | Reviewer: chloe | 2/14/08

hey i really like this song its pretty cool !! i first started to like it when i first heard it on gutiar heros i thought it was awesome to play aswell and i thought i would jeck out the band because jake e lee liked them and now i like them so thanks jakey oh and by the way you r so hot and u probaly still are !!! lol great alice in chains !! keep rockin xxx oh and its his bday 2morro so happy bday jake !!! lol

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