R.I.P. Layne | Reviewer: Mike Wilson | 9/25/07

It's a pitty that they are trying to bring the band back when none of the original members are there. They aren't even close to the same band anymore. No one could match Layne's vocals and never will. If your gonna maike a band at least rename in respect to the ONLY Alice In Chains.

one only alice in chaines | Reviewer: Naif | 8/22/07

it's a shocking band. alice in chaines i dead now.now the bands now sucks.layne staley is in now down in a hole

A sound all their own | Reviewer: Mike McGowan | 8/17/07

My favorite band of all time.If music was oxygen, I could breath forever off their tunes.We all have problems and for that reason alone, I place no judgement on Layne Staley.Instead, thankyou for everything that you gave us over the years and for telling it as it was.

Jerry's equipment | Reviewer: G&Llover | 8/12/07

Actually it was only far later in the history of AIC that Jerry picked up a Les Paul. From "We Die Young" to "Would?" and from "Them Bones" to "Died," his greatest sounds have resulted from either of two G&L Rampage guitars, or his G&L ASAT Special. The ASAT is a Telecaster with overwound single-coil "soapbar" pickups so it's a little ballsier, and the Rampage is a single-humbucker Stratocaster built to mimic the Strat made famous by Eddie Van Halen.
G&L was the company started in 1979 by Leo Fender and his business partner and friend George Fullerton after they sold Fender and broke away from MusicMan. By far their best and most innovative guitars, G&L's are still made on Fender Ave. in Fullerton, CA (my hometown!), in the original Fender factory. I have the luck to have been "discovered" by the Executive VP of BBE Sound, Inc., the company that now owns and operates G&L, to do some graphics work for their website in exchange for a guitar. Little did I know that when I ordered my guitar, it was nearly IDENTICAL to the Rampages played by Jerry. When I saw the "Man In The Box" video and realized he was playing a G&L, I nearly shat myself.
Still waiting for that guitar, but once I get it, I think I'm going to start an Alice tribute band. Anybody interested? Email address is right there.

Water Balloons | Reviewer: spacemunky | 8/3/07

Such a great band, equally as talented as they were inspired. I was lucky enough to see them at Portland Meadows during '93 Lollapalooza. It was at least 120 degrees in front of the stage and no shade anywhere, but the boys played their fuckin' hearts out. They came back out after their set with buckets of water balloons and started chucking them at us, I got hit in the face by Jerry, those guys were awesome!! It was just what we needed, and when we thought it couldn't get any better they played Rooster and we all sang it as one. One of my favorite concert memories, so sad Layne can't be here for more. Thanks Layne, good luck Jerry, Mike, Sean, and William!!

Layne | Reviewer: Folchetti | 7/12/07

One of the greatest singers ever (actually my favorite). To one of my biggest heros thanks for the music. R.I.P Layne

Love | Reviewer: Justin wilmers | 5/6/07

Jerry and Layne worked as one unit and without that the band just isnt the same. Its such a shame i couldnt have been blessed by them in concert, theyve been my favorite band for years and will always be. They have truly changed my life R.I.P LAYNE

what a waste of talent. R.I.P | Reviewer: kelly | 4/24/07

alice in chains is nothing without layne, he was the man behind the band, his talents will go missed. its such a shame another band has to loose there singer to drugs, your music will be wit me forever. AIC changed my life ill never forget that. thanks for the great music boys. xxx

Real Music | Reviewer: Lauren | 8/19/06

Alice in Chains is the best band i have ever listened to. some of these new artists coming out have not a clue. layne staley died a legend. i thank alice in chains for making me who i am.

R.I.P | Reviewer: Kim Ek | 4/19/06

Today it has been 4 years since the discovery of Layne's body R.I.P.

It's funny how the last song he ever performed was Would? and that song was dedicated to one of their friends who took an overdose.

Anywho, What you guys must understand is that Cantrell also tributed to the success as much as Layne did, They TOGEHTER made the magic. Not Layne alone. Although Layne was a brilliant singer and I loved his lyrics, They both made it so magic.

....R.I.P...... | Reviewer: mogw | 3/15/05

Oh, man... Alice In Chains is dead.... Layne is dead... Rest In Peace, Layne Staley... I'll remember you, Man In The Box... And don't forger us... Please...
...Да будет земля тебе пухом... Я буду помнить тебя всегда, надеюсь и ты нас тоже...
... Покойся с миром, пусть успокоится твоя душа и обретёт покой величиной с Вселенную и длиною в Вечность...


What a brilliant band! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/04

Alice in Chains was truly one of the world's best bands. Layne wasn't only a brilliant vocalist, what I liked about him was that he was real. The way he sang those lyrics made you feel exactly how he felt and made the listner understand what he was going through. It's just sad that he couldn't pull through his problems. He is truly missed. R.I.P Layne Staley.

Jerry and the Les Paul.Like and angel in heaven with a harp.That man knows how to play a Les Paul. It's orgasmic. Plus he wrote good songs too. And I think he is really good-looking too. Jerry, you can play me like a Les Paul anytime...

Both Mike's Inez and Starr were good with the bass and I love the way Sean hit those toms. All of their instruments combined = heaven. This is really a band that I would've liked to have seen live.