aic. the greatest. | Reviewer: jake furbish | 1/16/10

i have to say layne is my biggest influence when i started singing, and the heart and soul he put into his music will never be matched. i listen to and play all of their songs on a daily basis and i have to say i may be just 17 but this music really speaks to my soul. rip layne thomas staley. i am your BIGGEST fan. and aic should get a better singer no offense because william duvall doesnt really make aic back to normal. alice in chains isnt the same without layne

alice for ever | Reviewer: laura | 12/3/09

well alice is THE grunge band! the best one I'd ever lisntened to. i'm very sorry for layne and i hope he is in a better place now. i'm from argentina and i started listening to the band in 2005 and i'm really sorry i couldn't see the band in a concert. layne R.I.p

Black Gives Way to Blue | Reviewer: Misty | 10/2/09

All Secrets Known introduces you to the new album Black Gives Way to Blue. Check My Brain is an upbeat realization of years gone and heartache. Last of My Kind is a badass song! It’s right up their with Grind for me. I hope they play this one live on their tour! Your Decision is a cathardic mellow song. The chorus gets to the core of the message in a relaxing Alice in Chains way that no other band could pull off. Then, A Looking in View gets that dirty rock vibe pumping hard. Turn your speakers up on this one! Black Gives Way to Blue ends the CD with a haunting brillance! It’s a beautiful song with Elton John on piano. You’ll want to play this one over and over again for sure.

great release | Reviewer: edub | 8/14/09

I was running sound for a local band and the highlight of the night each weekend was when I got called up to do "man in the box". Now the band i work for now is learning "would?". Feels good to pour something out there at let everyone feel it.

wow | Reviewer: Joe halmagyi | 8/1/09

AIC awsome band Im sorry I missed out on most of there stuff only cause I was useing heavy amounts of crank through the 90's I did get to see one show in 91 or 92in yakima or spokane now that my head is clear I get to hear them 4 the first time allthough Ive been playing them 4 years say no to drugs

aic rocks | Reviewer: james | 7/21/09

Like many of the reviews, my life has been scared by addiction(currently am) and recent depression, shit speaks to me, really always has, but last really listened to AIC as a kid. Greatest band ever my opinion, laynes the greatest, yeah the new guy can sing his shit, but laynes dead, the creativity, the writing, the direction I feel of AIC. Realest cat ever!!!! R.I.P

AlicenChains 4-ever! | Reviewer: layla s. | 6/30/09

As long as i can rememer, every freakn time i listen to aic i get into a daze, that's so hard for me to get out of! Maybe it's b-cuz most of the things layne did in his life, i lived it too!
As an addict, and a fan its hard to see someone important go. It's like u never want to say goodbye. Hopefully the new band will bring good tunes like the old ones! We love u Layne!~RIP~

I lived it.. | Reviewer: Rooster.. | 5/26/09

Alice in chains are nothing without the vocals of Layne..That voice was remarkable and it stood out amongst such greats as..soundgarden and even the great Nirvana!!His death was sad..For someone to pour their soul into there music and lose ones life to a needle is heartbreaking! Just like kurt he gave us all he had and he had nothing left..Layne was a beautiful soul who was broken inside that is why he could so easily convey the deep dark and sometimes intoxicating sadness..A sorrow that anyone with a broken spirit would understand and know that they were not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh... | Reviewer: Corpse | 5/5/09

This band is the most inspirational band I've ever listened to. I love Layne & Jerry to death, and although I'm fourteen (and therefore was seven when Staley died), I have all of their songs and really admire them. Alice in Chains (in my opinion) is THE greatest Seattle Grunge Band. (Though people would argue tons on that...)

I haven't heard William DuVall yet, but I'm anxious about it. Who knows...?

Keep Going | Reviewer: Geno | 4/9/09

Alice in Chains rocks!! They always have, and they always will! We miss you, Layne. You could never be replaced, but the music honors you. It is great hearing A.I.C. rock again. Keep rocking!!!

AIC is a very expressive band | Reviewer: albert jeffers | 1/21/09

As having had lifelong struggles with addiction, Alice In Chains really spoke to me. They addressed issues such as addiction and depression in such a real manner, no holds barred, they really struck a chord with me and I listen to them regularly and the music moves me just as much today as it did when it first came out.

live on AIC! | Reviewer: JD | 12/9/08

look im only 16 so i wasnt there for the great AIC era but i can say this thier music has helped me threw a lot and without AIC u people wouldnt have an excuse to bitch at each other so dont worry about wht is or wht might b but try to b like AIC and live in the now making every moment count